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Sam & Jennene at the Taj Mahal in India March 2006

This is where Sam & Jennene updates will eventually go. In 1997, we released our first cd, Anointed Time. 1997. Since then we’ve sung our hearts out on the Church of the Canyon’s worship team and then started a 2nd CD in 2004. 2004. Mmmmm Hmmmm. We’re still working on it.

Our worship leader/elder/father type is also our producer. He’s spent countless (unable to be counted) hours recording us and many other musicians, mixing our many many tracks, remixing our many many tracks, REmixing our many many tracks, starting a publishing aspect of COC, setting up an Itunes account, working with designers for a new website, etc. etc. etc.

Sooooo, stay tuned. Check back. We will eventually have a finished product to sell you!


Sam & Jennne Anointed Time CD cover    Sam & Jennene,  Anointed Time cd


  Ingrid wrote @

Bring it on… and also, I found you.

  David wrote @

Hey, How are you? My name is David and I see this picture in your web (ref: https://musingswithsam.wordpress.com/files/2006/07/img_0853.JPG) and I wont to know if I can used it for a childrens book, in Brazil! If there is some problem just let me know, or if you wont to know about how I wonna used ok? thanks for your time, kindly

David Correa
Libros Aguila
Asuncion – Paraguay

  Sam Neylan wrote @

Hi David-
It is a cool picture.
I’d like some info about the project and then I can discuss it with my singing partner. Please DON’T use our image until we’ve confirmed with you. It might be good if you gave me your contact info so we can email directly.
thanx so much

  Ingrid wrote @

Can I get a copy of the OG album?? I would love to have it again. I can send you some moo-la, Do you have any???
Still Stalking you!
❤ Ingrid

  Erlene Palmquist wrote @

Top website you’ve got right here, i dont consider all the commentaire however I suppose it’s correct what you are expressing.

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