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Soo, I’ve had this article open in a tab for a while, in hopes of reading it.
Turns out, it’s a pretty good article.  It’s called ‘Redeeming Social Life OnLine’

Here’s an excerpt
“Like most other new things, Christians tend to either embrace Facebook uncritically, or retreat from it and condemn its use. Embracing technology uncritically—the “bear hug,” as I call it—means using a technology without thinking through its impact on yourself and others.
The “cold shoulder”—ignoring/retreating from/condemning a technology—is often driven by misguided fears and shallow biblical interpretation. While the problems with embracing uncritically are more easily discerned, giving a technology like Facebook the cold shoulder also has its problems. . . ”

CLICK HERE for the whole article (which includes 9 ways to NOT use facebook and 6 ways TO use facebook.  🙂  )




Sooo, as noted in the previous post, Jennene has cancer.  And, while that’s going to bring about some new ways of doing things, in the meantime the rest of the world and it’s goings on never seem to slow up.

Here’s an example… I’ve been sick since the night before Thanksgiving.  Including Thanksgiving Day, I was in bed for a solid week.  Then I had about 5 days of a reprieve during which time I taught at a junior high and a high school…germs never linger in those stomping grounds and they never go after weakened immune systems.  And then I was/am in bed again.  So, today, in fact, right this moment, marks my 3 week anniversary of having this bronchitus/flu plague that many people have had this season.  One way that I’m celebrating is by staying in bed as much as possible.

Another,’ in honor of my 3 week anniversary’ celebration, and at the advice of 2 people, I went out and bought myself a ‘Neti Pot’.
Google it and then enjoy the Youtube videos demonstrating its’ use.   Then find the guy that deviates from the healing saline solution and ventures to the coffee & wine (warning: he does swear at the end).  For more entertainment, find the guy who does homeopathic remedies ‘white trash’ style (also swears).  Wow.
In reality, when you get past the fact that you’re shoving a tea pot spout up your nose, it’s actually an amazingly relieving process…like a hot tub experience for your nasal pasages (and I didn’t swear).

In the last 3 weeks, I have
-spent more time in uniform than not
-coughed so hard that I’m pretty sure I have bruised/injured a rib on my right side (should I start Ace bandaging now)
-not had to feign ‘being awakened’ when i answer the phone 🙂
-had more non-doctors give me their unsolicited expert  ‘diagnosis’ than is appropriate …even my bank teller had a few ‘you need to’ action items after hearing my cough.  🙂
-grown somewhat immune to codeine cough syrup
-felt like someone packed my nasal pasage with wet cement
-have sneezed so violently, I think I’m joking (but I’m not)
-have wondered if someone boxed my ears while I was sleeping
-started coughing almost everytime I start talking…hmmm…maybe there’s a correlation…and an exhortation 🙂
-woken up with a raging headache 70% of the time
-refined my ‘Harvey Fierstein’ voice impressions
-been really stoked my branding color is green, cuz I’ve been coughing up LOTS of it
-my eyes burning like little infernos; impairing my vision from time to time
-have dragged myself out of bed only for the ‘essentials’ (church Christmas service/rehearsals, RA Elf reunion party (!), client tasks cuz some agents still fax (?!?!?), finally turning the heater on today…1st time this winter, email/facebook, best friend’s post cancer diagnosis dinner, neti pot purchase and usage, the occasional shower, etc.)
-debated if I’m faking it or not; I always think I’m faking it.  But, once I am better, the difference is so vast, that I realize I wasn’t faking it.

Have you experienced anything similar?  If so, what are your remedies?  What’s your expert opinion?


Soooooo, when you’re in college you think, “When I’m done with college (or  my college culture job) I’ll do so much ‘free reading’ ”.

Well, I am here to say that I’ve been out of that environment for 4 years now and have done very little of that ‘extra curricular’ reading I’d always longed for.  🙂

So, in an effort to be slightly less-lame, though not having a TON of time, I have tried harder in 2008 to do some reading.

I am only posting this as a form of accountability and iron on iron.  I am in NO way saying that I am proud of the number of books that I’ve read (or rather, not read).

I’ll break it down by categories:  books I finished, books I’m currently reading, books that are on the ‘to read’ list and your welcomed recommendations.  This list assumes the Bible.  🙂

1.  Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer
2.  Mistaken Identity by Van Ryn, Cerak, Tabb
3.  Beyond the Band of Brothers by Major Dick Winters
4.  Stories In His Own Hand by Ronald Reagan
5.  The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam
6.  Open Water Diving Manual by PADI
7.  Girl Soldier by Faith J.H. McDonnell & Grace Akallo

1.  Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris
2.  The Last of the Just by Andre Schwarz-Bart
3.  The Cross Centered Life by CJ Mahaney
4.  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller
5.  Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Braun
6.  A Faith Worth Sharing by C. John Miller (aka ‘Jack’)

BOOKS ON THE ‘TO READ’ LIST 🙂 (in no particular order)
1.  Why We’re Not Emergent By Two Guys Who Should Be by DeYoung & Kluck
2.  Relationships-A Mess Worth Making by Paul Tripp
3.  Into Thin Air by John Krakuer
4.  Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
5.  When Sinners Say I Do by Dave Harvey
6.  PeaceMaker by Ken Sande (this would be a re-read)
7.  Chinatown’s Angry Angel: The Story of Donaldina Cameron
8.  The Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen
9.  The Prodigal God by Tim Keller
10. The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis
11. Escape by Carolyn Jessup
12. Awearness by Kenneth Cole


So, here’s to looking back on 2008 and looking forward to 2009, from a literary perspective, of course.


Whoa…I just read this post about a church that has a ministry called ‘Midnight Outreach’ … the opening line of the post is ‘The first time I walked into a strip club, I knew I was doing the right thing’…

I love that some churches are really willing to meet people where they are and to extend themselves to show the love of Christ.  Accounts like this one are encouraging and inspiring… how can i engage in my own community more?  How can I be more attentive to seeking and pursuing opportunities rather than letting them come to me?

If you have ideas about ministry efforts or you are involved in some creative ministries or whatever, I’d love to hear them.  Thanx!


I bust out the ol ‘black on the outisde, cheatah on the inside’ slippers, given to me about 5 years ago by one Erin (Johnston) Klang.  I wear them when it’s time to truly welcome winter: when the nights are to-the-bone-cold around 5pm.  THAT’s when I know it’s time.  Tonight…it was time.  They’re on my dogs as I type. 

I am somewhat grieved by the reality that this may be their last winter (evidenced by stuffing coming out the torn seams).  I hope not. 
For many reasons, they are deeply sentimental… for starters, they are the iconic finishing touch to ‘the uniform’.  You know, the outfit that you unconsciously strip for and suit up in once you get home and just want to be comfortable.  Moreover, the slippers are an essential factor when I travel to Walnut Creek, Hanford, Washington…or wherever I go that will only feel like ‘home’ once I get the uniform on.  I will be sad if I do not have them as travel mates next year.  Oh, AND, the indentations have been perfectly crafted and honed.  When my cold feet slide in, they feel like they’re in a 2nd skin.
Well, I suppose I will have to cherish them all the more this winter season.  

who knows what I’m talking about?…mostly cuz you have something similiar?


I had the thought myself as I watched the acceptance speech.  I shoved my thought deep into my private mental ‘SNL’ skit closet and scolded myself for not ‘taking this seriously’.  I was taking it seriously and I DID take it all seriously.  But I kept quiet about this ‘other’, maybe ‘not so serious’ thing.   I stayed quiet for 2 whole days!  🙂

I was reading this article today and wanted to yell out to everyone I knew ‘i KNOW, seriously, right?!’, but I did not do that.  Instead, I just quietly and, in solitude, enjoyed the moment by myself.  But, it was when I read the reader’s comment that said this, ‘My wife and I both thought Mrs. Obama’s dress looked like a black widow spider…’  that i just could not keep it to myself anymore.  

If you’re a regular reader, you know my love/hate relationship with the black widow spider.   And, you know that I watch Project Runway.    When I saw Mrs. Obama on stage for the 1st time on Tuesday night, all I could picture was Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors with their little note cards sitting in their little director’s chairs: Heidi with the big eyes of shock, Michael Kors with that snarky smirk on his face and Nina Garcia looking unimpressed and disinterested.  Of course, Tim Gunn had already told the designer to ‘make it work’, but obviously the designer ‘didn’t care what the judges would think’. 
It made me laugh when the cast made their way into my fictitious SNL skit and ‘judged’ that dress.

I type this as I am about to slip into sweats that should’ve been thrown away 3 years ago and then I will do some work on my computer.  What I won’t be doing is having 50 million cameras on me as I am supporting my husband as he runs the most powerful nation in the world and I won’t be raising my children in the harsh and critical public eye (as evidenced by my own post)…so, who am I to talk about some dress?

But, it really did look like a black widow dress.  And I FULLY expect to see that dress in an SNL skit soon.



The Flowers JUST posted the announcement of the 5th annual PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST!!!! 
Check it out,
read the rule modifications (becasue of Jessi Gates’s shenanigans last year), go sit on a mountain top with Confuscious and your sketch pads and let the inspiration flow!…then carve it like you mean it! 

if you like to vote, but not touch, put 10/31, 11/1 & 11/2 on your calendar as the ‘TRUE’ voting days…
Obama? McCain? who?  …. no people, we need to cast our votes for the  ”Most Original”, “Most Hallo-weenie”, “Artistry Award”, “Best Self-Portrait” and “Best All Around”! 
If presidential voting had these kinds of categories, it would be Sooooo much easier to pick a president. 

Flowers.  Blog.  Now.