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I see that the last time I posted was on May 12th, 2009.
Today is June 2oth, 2009.
My silence is not from a lack of blog worthy life happenings… nope, I just need a scribe instead of me writing it all down.
I guess there’s a season for everything…and this last season was the one with no time to blog, I suppose.

Well, I guess I will just do bullets… that seems to be my way in almost all things these days.  So, in a stream of consciousness format, here goes:
-Bought an Expedit bookcase from ikea (on sale).  I’d been wanting to buy it for a couple years and just hadn’t gotten to it.  Half off got me to it.
-A cousin’s grad party in Merced.  Fun to see family… and my mom!  🙂
-A few days up at the Seelye’s house.  Rather, at the construction site.  ALWAYS good to see them
-Got 3 deals into escrow (with a couple other clients who got out bid…still searching)
-Barely keeping up with blogs, but trying.
-Joined Twitter… am still feeling my way around, but can see the benefits already!  And, a big thanx to Piper and that one mom and her blog.  🙂
-Have had communication (lunch/dinners/facebook, email) with peeps that I miss/dig: Lynda, Ona, Beth, the Chases, Joe, Amy, Kevin, Matt…
-Have taken my car in to the mechanic… a few times… not diggin that.  Don’t want to get a new car, but am pondering…
-Coordinated another wedding (or maybe a couple, I can’t remember)
-Have read some good books about New Zealand… have some library charges for overdue books too … it’s a trade off
-My Subway phase firmly ended in April.  Though, I now like Salt & Vinegar chips…which i never did before.
-An overnighter with the Harveys… ALWAYS a joy and a pleasure!  I miss living together.
-Went to the AVID banquet and marveled as some of our very first ICUers ‘graduated’
-Took a drive after church for a sabbath rest and ended up in quiet and cool places.  Mike is a good mellow travel buddy.
-Said goodbye to one of my Icelandic roomies.  She’s off to start the next chapter of her life… we’ll miss her
-Got an extension for a speeding ticket…am going to try to get night court…for obvious reasons
-Blogging for ‘Don’t Waste My Cancer’ .wordpress.com
-Went to TMS’ graduation pomp/circumstance in support of daren… had lots of thoughts whilst on the GCC campus
-Got my hair cut/colored . . . didn’t love the end product, but don’t really care either.  Too busy to care 🙂
-Said goodbye to a dear friend and worship team member, jeff l.  We miss him so much.  we sent him off with a ‘Carne Asada’ party.  duh.
-Had to cancel a bank account because one of my checks was stolen out of a recipient’s mailbox.  BIG drag.  Lots of subsequent drama.
-Afternoon/night hangout with Becka and Heidi…SO much fun!!!!!!
-Went to a celebration BBQ for Sarah Jane’s b-day . . . and visited her in the hospital after the birth of her 2nd child 🙂
-Love seeing Peter and Heather M … and met their cool son!
-Talked to my birthday buddy, Kate Spansel! Even though i called the day after our birthdays, it was still so great!
-took part in a series of meetings to be reconciled with someone… God’s cool!
-My camera broke… big bummer for so very many reasons…
-Went to the San Diego Zoo for an afternoon, then dinner with Scott & Mike… mellow.. much needed calm
-LOTS of emails, paperwork, etc for work
-canceled LA Fitness membership… it would be better if i could hire someone to workout FOR me…
-Had  my eyebrows done with Valeria … learned that her son has an incurable disease.  😦  much prayer for them to see the hand of God
-Have ‘seen’ lots of pay per view movies (aka: had them playing in the background whilst working): ones i remember are Marley & Me, the Great Outdoors, some Sundance flicks…oh, and saw ‘UP’ in the theatre
-Hung out here and there with the Powells and enjoyed Yogurberry a great deal
-Old school style…. spontaneous errand running with Ona!  Like the old days!!
-Changed brokerages.  LOVE my new brokerage!!!!  Wish i had done it so long ago!!!!    It was a lot of work ramping up to it and now have SO much to learn that Keller Williams VIP has to offer!
-Have switched my rings from one hand to the other and back again
-cool conversations with Brad and others…
-Work related cocktail parties
-welcomed David back to SCV!!
-Outdoor baptism! which was part of a 15 hour Worship Team day (including Planet Earth 🙂 )
-Shared the gospel with a beloved friend, again.  I continue to pray!
-people watched at the mall (while david drew people).  i was supposed to be reading.  Turns out reading people is WAY more fun
-Enjoyed my living room for the 1st time in almost a year
-Been thinking alot about God and some specifics (too much to write here)
-started listening to music again (mostly while i’m in the shower)
-Went to LA at night with Mike so he could do some night shoots (photo, not firearm) and ended up at Cole’s … GREAT pastrami/swiss auju sandwhich
-LOTS of internet research for work and other quests based on ambition/obedience
-Have spotted my 1st black widow of the summer (in my home)…the killing spree is about to resume 🙂
-took a walk …it included 2 college campuses and lots of stairs…calves & quads mentioned it in the days that followed
-Lots of fun ‘designing’ back/forth with Heidi for all my updated marketing (with new brokerage logos etc)
-Welcomed the 1st baby to be born by a CURRENT worship team member: Jacob Smith (born to greg, our drummer).  Now, Jacob is our mascot.  🙂 🙂 🙂
-got new sunglasses… I made my last ones last until the coating was peeling off in my hair (classy)
-and other stuff….



Ok, readers.  I’m in a new phase.  For the last couple of months I have been DVRing and watching the show FRASIER.  I absolutely love it.  There’s so much about it that appeals to me (not the worldly philosophy stuff, of course…actually, I probably like it so much because of how much they make fun of the worldy philosophies), but that’s not my purpose for this post. 

Whilst watching this new beloved show, I usually fast forward as many commercials as possible (praise the LORD for DVR).  However, sometimes I just let it run as I work on the computer or whatever.  I’ve been flabbergasted and saddened about the relentless programming regarding psychics…they seem to be taking over the world as they run multiple ads during one half hour show.  Did you know there’s now a reality show called America’s Psychic Challenge.  Really? Really.  The lastest episode commercial is advertising a competition that requires the psychic contestants determining how a particular unknown victim was murdered.  Really?  That’s an elimination competition?  I mean it took me about 4 years to get on board with the innane Survivor challenges and now you want me to buy the value of a ‘psychic’ guessing murderers? 

Stop it.  


I have several posts brewing in my bulb these days.  I hope to get them written soon.  Here are some topics, all woven with ponderings of God and His purposes:

-Subbing Highlights: students contributions for ‘Things About My Life That Miss Neylan Might Find Interesting (my favorite color, and similiar things, do not interest her)’; Class discussions/interactions-Hilarious, Spiritual and Otherwise; ‘There Are Such Things As Stupid Questions and Don’t Ask Me Any of Them’; Why Subbing For Special Ed Is Really So Special
-Life Keeps Happening: I ran into the beloved Ashley Murray the other day at Wal-Mart and had an awesome conversation amidst the hair accessories aisle; I spoke with Ryan Kendrick the other night and later he texted me the test results for his mom’s biopsy (you should call him); I got a call from an old college friend, Jason Austin, we talked and laughed and laughed and marveled (he has 5 children!)
-This Weekend: This Saturday the Worship Team has rehearsal; A bunch of us are going to a concert this Saturday night  featuring my Uncle Paul Marshall and my Cousin Pete Huttlinger!  I think it might be another fun family reunion (family and friends!)…in Culver City!
-Post-Buckweed Fire: Did I do a post about our Worship Team drummer’s house burning down in the fire?  Greg & Mary Smith got to experience the ‘it will all burn like wood, hay, and stubble’ promise.  Go to their website for more info www.DudeWheresMyHouse.com  (I’m not joking…and neither are they, mostly).
-My Life As A Seinfeld Episode: The cat that unprovokedly afronted me while I was leaving one of my listings (that post will include a picture of the disgusting creature)
-Recent Phase:  Why I LOVE the show ‘Frasier’ these days

If any of these topics are more interesting than others, let me know.  🙂