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Do you know the show 30 Rock?  Well, I actually think it surpasses The Office.  I have my reasons, but this post is about something else. 
So, back in ’91, I went to Ireland and met tons of people from around the U.S. (and ireland, of course).  I stayed in touch with many of them and later got to visit too.  So, back in ’92 I went to New York to be on a talk show and visit some of my new travel buddies.  Blah, blah, blah…my friend’s dad worked at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (which we went to).  Months later, she mailed me something from her dad’s office…I just found it last night….now I feel like I’m so relevant to the genuis of 30 Rock… 🙂

30 Rock



At this very moment, sitting on my desk is a faded blue ribbon.  The front says, ‘Tabernacle Baptist School Field Day- FIRST’ with a little jogger at the bottom.  The back says, ‘Winner- Anne Neylan (6) 17’3“.  Event- Shot, 5-6th.  Date-6/11/85”  Translation: In 6th grade, I won first place in the shot-put throw on Track & Field Day!  As I recall, I held that record for years.

A few clarifications:  1) I went by ‘Anne’ from the 1st grade -7th grade.  The first day of 8th grade, I realized ‘Sam’ was cool again.  2) In 6th grade, I ranked 1st place for BOTH the shot put AND the discus. . . I just can’t find the ribbon for the discus.



There will be many random posts coming, mainly because I have an ongoing project of cleaning out memorabilia boxes.  So, this Thanksgiving, following my beloved tradition, I spent it alone and loving it…I decided to spend a portion of my day tackling the boxes ranging from 1985-1991ish…oh, the treasures!!!

As I sifted through boxes of my past, I learned alot today…
-We worked much harder with paper/pen than kids do today to ‘pass notes’.  Texting is so much easier.
-I too, composed a ‘Top guys’ list with my best friend…when we were freshmen in HS (and it’s typed)
-I was a VERY naughty child in school…I have a stack of progress reports, notes to parents, etc. oops
-I have received hundreds of cards over the years.  I am very loved.  Some consistent senders: my aunt Colleen, my mom, my dad (which actually dispelled a few erroneous memories), my uncle Tony, my best friend from junior high Becca…
-I had long seasons of consistent international correspondence (friends I met in Ireland and Jamaica)
-I was much thinner than I actually thought I was…I used to think I was really fat…now I wish I was as thin as I was back then

Of course, there’s MUCH much more, but I’ll leave you with this…

1) Here’s me in 1989 going to a black tie event.  Where was the event..on the set of Moonlighting?  Kristin, I’m particularly looking forward to your commentary.
Me in 1989        

2)  Apparently we had daily ‘journal writings’ in English class.  Reading through a few of mine, one could conclude that I had issues.  Here’s one that I thought was telling (and I quote), 
All things work together for the good for those who love the Lord & are called according to his people…This is what we’re writing on today, but ya know, there’s a setback happening here.  I’m not real big on the Lord right now.  I’m not sure I want to be a Christian, but I won’t walk on the edge.  SO I need to decide…will I be wordly or will I be Godly?”
Huh.  It only took about 5 more years before I made the decision.  While life didn’t get easier after that, it did reveal meaning and joy…due to the grace of Christ’s shed blood on the cross.  I’m thankful.      

there are more boxes…stay tuned…