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Hello www readers….

Today was a great day….here are some highlights

Our Worship Team only gets a few Sundays off every year…today was one of those days.   Sooo, some of our Worship Team members: Jeff, Adam, Jennene and myself  (accompanied by Jessi Gates and my roommate, Andrea) ventured our on the following field trip…

1.  Breakfast & Coffee at Noah’s Bagels….ie. meeting place for our excursion
2.  10am church service at Hollywood Church, pastored by Chris Barksdale (husband of mine & Jennene’s college roommate, Sarah), and attended by my great friends, the Ikegamis (well, they don’t just attend, they’re actually really involved too).  It’s rare that I get to visit other churches and it was awesome for lots of reasons…but more later (maybe). 
3.  Lunch at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles (see pics on Sikegami’s blog).
4. Was incredibly pleasantly surprised at the movie we saw at the Arclight ….fantastic… Changeling.
5. Hollywood activist and I discussing prop 8…more later (maybe)
6. Drive home debrief of the day…
7. Dinner, dessert…now watching 30Rock

A great Sabbath…



As some of you know, I care for Ricky Gervais and his comedy (most of it) a great deal.  So do Rob & Sarah.  Ricky had only 2 tour locations: LA & NY.  Rob’s keen eye allowed us to book tickets last March, when we began planning our ‘Ricky Gervais’ day.   It was well executed yesterday.  Highlights

-arrived at Ikegami’s (in Hollywood) approx 11:30am; hung out; ate from a delicious spread prepared by Sarah (thanx); rec’d my first Dive Review Book (thanx again Sarah), ‘Divers Speak Out’; prepared ourselves for the second season EXTRAS marathon
-Took a marathon break and went for a free slurpee run at 7/11 (since it was 7/11).  Came back and  finished the last few episodes of EXTRAS..we laughed alot…RIcky, Steve Merchant, ‘Maggie’, guest stars…ALL genuis!
-ran into AJ Tigner & his wife as we were walking to dinner (and then to the Kodak theatre).  I hadn’t seen them in 6 (?) years
-Chinese food for dinner…tried cream cheese wontons…whoa…who thought of that?
-2nd Mezzanine seating for the show (not bad)
-opening act so-so


-His entrance (WWF style), complete with cape, crown, HUGE lit letters saying ‘RICKY’, was hilarious! and very ‘Spinal Tap’ style…like an omage to the stonehenge bit (?)
-60% of his comedy was pure genuis and totally repeatable.  The other 40% left me cringing inside…and pondering a 1,000 ‘by product’ thoughts.  The hilarious themes: his charity work, autisism, obescity is not a disease, morals of children’s stories (humpty Dumpty, the industrious mouse and the lazy mouse, etc), the history channel/the discovery channel, sharks and Nazi’s, animals…
-His subtle hand motions, eye movements, tone of voice…SO much genuis. 
-His ‘dialogue’ with other characters …hilarious (ex. Niche & Hitler!)

-As we were hanging out in the lobby we noticed the stairs down to the first floor was roped off.  As we looked down at what appeared to be a crowd chatting and mingling outside a VIP room, Rob began recognizing the people.  It was like watching animals at the zoo:  matthew perry, jason bateman (!), Harry shearer (!), Brett & Jermaine from flight of the conchords, Kathy Griffin… weird and cool.  No cameras, no crowds, just them off in the distance laughing, talking, pushing each other into the bushes. 

As we debriefed the night on our walk home and back at the Ikegami’s place, we noted the good and the bad.  It was a GREAT day…it’s cool when a plan comes together!

If you don’t know who Ricky Gervai is…shame on you. 
He’s the creator of the British show called ‘the Office’, after which the U.S. version was fashioned.  He went on to create another series called EXTRAS.  Reserved only for true comedy afficianados.  🙂


SO, though it’s only Sunday afternoon, my weekend has already been full and fantastic!

Friday night I ushered at the PAC, for the Vienna Boys Choir.  VERY interesting.  I was assigned the ‘handicapped person’ duty which requires escorting anyone who has trouble negotiating the stairs through the bowels of the PAC and down into the auditorium.  LOTS of funny moments, but all in all a pretty rewarding ushering experience (minus some of the seriously uptight ushering squad).  Oh, the boys choir…the boys ranged from 10-14 years old and hit unbelievable notes.  While it kind of made me feel weird, it was still pretty amazing.  AND, I ran into some friends and got to catch up during intermission (a classic show, helping in the community, reuniting with old friends…all for free!  THAT’S a great Friday night).

Then on Saturday, a long planned field trip finally came to fruition.  I had an ‘Ikegamis and Me’ day in Hollywood.  We started at 1pm and we hung out and talked and laughed, walked to Bed, Bath and Beyond, got rained on, went through the ‘restaurant decision making’ process, landed at Bassanova (AWESOME Brazilian food), watched Rob’s movie, talked more, bought tickets on-line to a show we want to see in July, talked more, and then I left around 11:45pm.  It was so relaxing and engaging and meaningful and fun.  I love them and even though I rarely see them anymore, they are still dear to me (and I figure a 9 hour day kind of makes up for at least a few get togethers that I should’ve set up over the last year 🙂 ).

Sunday at church was great!  Awesome message from Bob about Jesus and heaven.  Cool time in prayer/fellowship with the worship team, I still couldn’t really sing but gave it my ol’ college try, lunch with the Margraves and now home to rest (and finish a movie) and then embark on a huge to-do list. 


My roomie, Sarah Dyer will be marrying one Joseph Isaac on June 28th 2008!
Sarah & Joseph

I have the honor of coordinating the covenantal event and therefore, invite you to share anything that will help make the event as great as it can be.  If you have any talents or any resources to contribute, please let me know! 
So far, it looks like it will be a local outdoor wedding and reception (that could always change though). 🙂
Talk to me!


Ok.  Look.  i KNOW that my blogroll is…vast.  I get comments on it all the time.  Comments like:
‘Sam, YOU’RE like the real TMC alumni site’ or ‘It’s crazy how many people are on your blog.”  However, usually the very next line is, ‘But it’s so awesome.  i go to your site when i’m looking for anyone.’  There have even been some posts written by friends on their own blogs about people they’ve met or rekindled with through my blog.  Cool.
Deep down, the blogroll is the technological reflection of one of my hearts’ desires…I like connecting people (intentionally or otherwise).  I like when peeople with needs find people who want to meet needs.  I suppose that’s why real estate is a good business for me…the heart of it is meeting people’s needs by connecting people. 

So, on Monday I got an amazing email from a beloved former RA.  I will include some excerpts,
“I have been meaning to write you for a looong time now…for many reasons, but most recently because of the cool event that came about after your post about the needs at Lambano Sanctuary.  I had visited their website about 6 months ago and cried for about an hour as I read the names of the children who had died while in the care of the people at Lambano.  All that to say, when I read your blog about the current needs of Lambano, Jesse and I decided it was time to do something practical.  We have been reading Future Grace (Piper) with the highschoolers at our church and from that began talking about mercy ministires, life purpose, etc.  So I gave them the website to go to and together we all were really excited to be involved.  

Most of the kids in the youth group are incredibly musically talented, so we decided to have a concert. It was scheduled to be outside…bring a blanket etc. on Sunday the 30th of September.  It rained the entire day, so we quickly changed plans and moved the event inside my parent’s house.  There were not as many atendees as I was expecting, probably due to the rain, but those who came were very generous!  

We had little menus with espresso beverage selections on them, and the highschoolers served drinks, played music, and helped cover the costs so that all of the money raised would go to Lambano to build the hospice.  We had a silent auction, raffle, and general donation table.  The kids put together a power point to help people get a feel for the incredible needs of the children in Africa, printed out stories etc.  All together, people donated $3,335!  Jesse and I are so excited to send that check, Sam! A reason to praise the Lord for the bloggy dog world we live in…:)!

We had a reflection time tonight, during youth group, about what we have been learning, thinking about, and how to make generosity, serving others, caring for those in need a part of everyday life.  It was a good time to hear from them.  All that to say, the last few months have been very encouraging in terms of increased communication.  Sometimes things don’t happen as organically or as fast as you are hoping.  I was reminded of how important it is to be still and meditate and actually reflect on the day, a big event, an argument with Jesse, something enjoyable with Caed, the beauty of God’s creation etc.”How cool is it that individuals are taking the initiative to help other individuals?!?!?!?!  A little background…Beth Mack (former Sweazy RD) helps run Lambono (an orphange for kids dying of AIDS) and posted on HER blog about their needs in South Africa.  Courtney, my former RA, has a huge heart for those in need…during college she traveled to Liberia and saw what life in one of the poorest countries in the world is like..and how children live.  I’m sure that helped reinforce her natural compassion and kindness.  After her time at TMC, she then married another TMC RA/graduate who also has a heart of gold.  They live up in Washington, have a son, Jesse has a job, they are involved in their church.  Regular people…who love the LORD.It’s amazing how God moves in individuals’ lives and then crosses their paths.  I guess the question is…are we open to His preparation of us and His leading of us?  Almost always, His leading involves other people…which is why I’m convinced that networking is so valuable.  here’s to ‘the blog’!


For those cynics out there that don’t believe The Office can possibly be based on anything real, READ ASHLEY’S RECENT REALITY in her actual workplace. 
I love that this happened to Ashley, of all people. 
Stay tuned for Hawaain shirt Friday (be sure to add your 37 pieces of flare).


Well, at 1pm today, family and friends gathered for Jason’s memorial.  I’ve wondered how the day’s events have been going and prayed for God’s mercy and healing grace to be evident.  His girlfriend, Erin, was my RA for 2 years and I am especially mindful of what she’s thinking and feeling today, tomorrow and in the weeks and months to come.  Death…it’s really powerful.