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I see that the last time I posted was on May 12th, 2009.
Today is June 2oth, 2009.
My silence is not from a lack of blog worthy life happenings… nope, I just need a scribe instead of me writing it all down.
I guess there’s a season for everything…and this last season was the one with no time to blog, I suppose.

Well, I guess I will just do bullets… that seems to be my way in almost all things these days.  So, in a stream of consciousness format, here goes:
-Bought an Expedit bookcase from ikea (on sale).  I’d been wanting to buy it for a couple years and just hadn’t gotten to it.  Half off got me to it.
-A cousin’s grad party in Merced.  Fun to see family… and my mom!  🙂
-A few days up at the Seelye’s house.  Rather, at the construction site.  ALWAYS good to see them
-Got 3 deals into escrow (with a couple other clients who got out bid…still searching)
-Barely keeping up with blogs, but trying.
-Joined Twitter… am still feeling my way around, but can see the benefits already!  And, a big thanx to Piper and that one mom and her blog.  🙂
-Have had communication (lunch/dinners/facebook, email) with peeps that I miss/dig: Lynda, Ona, Beth, the Chases, Joe, Amy, Kevin, Matt…
-Have taken my car in to the mechanic… a few times… not diggin that.  Don’t want to get a new car, but am pondering…
-Coordinated another wedding (or maybe a couple, I can’t remember)
-Have read some good books about New Zealand… have some library charges for overdue books too … it’s a trade off
-My Subway phase firmly ended in April.  Though, I now like Salt & Vinegar chips…which i never did before.
-An overnighter with the Harveys… ALWAYS a joy and a pleasure!  I miss living together.
-Went to the AVID banquet and marveled as some of our very first ICUers ‘graduated’
-Took a drive after church for a sabbath rest and ended up in quiet and cool places.  Mike is a good mellow travel buddy.
-Said goodbye to one of my Icelandic roomies.  She’s off to start the next chapter of her life… we’ll miss her
-Got an extension for a speeding ticket…am going to try to get night court…for obvious reasons
-Blogging for ‘Don’t Waste My Cancer’ .wordpress.com
-Went to TMS’ graduation pomp/circumstance in support of daren… had lots of thoughts whilst on the GCC campus
-Got my hair cut/colored . . . didn’t love the end product, but don’t really care either.  Too busy to care 🙂
-Said goodbye to a dear friend and worship team member, jeff l.  We miss him so much.  we sent him off with a ‘Carne Asada’ party.  duh.
-Had to cancel a bank account because one of my checks was stolen out of a recipient’s mailbox.  BIG drag.  Lots of subsequent drama.
-Afternoon/night hangout with Becka and Heidi…SO much fun!!!!!!
-Went to a celebration BBQ for Sarah Jane’s b-day . . . and visited her in the hospital after the birth of her 2nd child 🙂
-Love seeing Peter and Heather M … and met their cool son!
-Talked to my birthday buddy, Kate Spansel! Even though i called the day after our birthdays, it was still so great!
-took part in a series of meetings to be reconciled with someone… God’s cool!
-My camera broke… big bummer for so very many reasons…
-Went to the San Diego Zoo for an afternoon, then dinner with Scott & Mike… mellow.. much needed calm
-LOTS of emails, paperwork, etc for work
-canceled LA Fitness membership… it would be better if i could hire someone to workout FOR me…
-Had  my eyebrows done with Valeria … learned that her son has an incurable disease.  😦  much prayer for them to see the hand of God
-Have ‘seen’ lots of pay per view movies (aka: had them playing in the background whilst working): ones i remember are Marley & Me, the Great Outdoors, some Sundance flicks…oh, and saw ‘UP’ in the theatre
-Hung out here and there with the Powells and enjoyed Yogurberry a great deal
-Old school style…. spontaneous errand running with Ona!  Like the old days!!
-Changed brokerages.  LOVE my new brokerage!!!!  Wish i had done it so long ago!!!!    It was a lot of work ramping up to it and now have SO much to learn that Keller Williams VIP has to offer!
-Have switched my rings from one hand to the other and back again
-cool conversations with Brad and others…
-Work related cocktail parties
-welcomed David back to SCV!!
-Outdoor baptism! which was part of a 15 hour Worship Team day (including Planet Earth 🙂 )
-Shared the gospel with a beloved friend, again.  I continue to pray!
-people watched at the mall (while david drew people).  i was supposed to be reading.  Turns out reading people is WAY more fun
-Enjoyed my living room for the 1st time in almost a year
-Been thinking alot about God and some specifics (too much to write here)
-started listening to music again (mostly while i’m in the shower)
-Went to LA at night with Mike so he could do some night shoots (photo, not firearm) and ended up at Cole’s … GREAT pastrami/swiss auju sandwhich
-LOTS of internet research for work and other quests based on ambition/obedience
-Have spotted my 1st black widow of the summer (in my home)…the killing spree is about to resume 🙂
-took a walk …it included 2 college campuses and lots of stairs…calves & quads mentioned it in the days that followed
-Lots of fun ‘designing’ back/forth with Heidi for all my updated marketing (with new brokerage logos etc)
-Welcomed the 1st baby to be born by a CURRENT worship team member: Jacob Smith (born to greg, our drummer).  Now, Jacob is our mascot.  🙂 🙂 🙂
-got new sunglasses… I made my last ones last until the coating was peeling off in my hair (classy)
-and other stuff….



Again with the brief, bullet point update . . .
1) In the last 4 days have unintentionally bit the inside of my lip at least 9 times … it’s getting old…and the inside of my lip looks like hamburger…sick
2) wish that people (especially Christians) would stop using their Facebook status updates to complain…(especially about the new home page).  Seriously people… note that the words reveal the heart.
3) Have subbed kind of a lot in the last few weeks… wish i had time to post the stories … a few times they’ve made me laugh out loud (for good and bad reasons)
4) Just learned that my ‘new’ roommate (she moved in in January) is actually 27 years old . . . this whole time i thought she was 20ish (though she is totally mature and now i can see that 27 makes sense).  This just reinforces that I dig Icelanders!
5) Found a new show that i love (thanx Video On Demand), Kitchen Nightmares . . . I’ve actually learned alot about myself whilst watching the restaurant owners who have asked for help.  As jennene put it ‘those shows are the redemption story’… failure, an expert comes in, the failing owner fights the expert, in the end the failing owner yields and is dumbfounded with how awesome the experts advice worked and is then So grateful to the expert and so ashamed of themselves . . . huh… sinner, savior, sacrifice, repentance, gratitude . . .
6) Have started sorting through all my financial records that i should’ve been doing in the last few months (in prep for tax drama).  MAN, i wish I had taken the ‘slow and steady wins the race’  option on this project
7) Am about to close another escrow next week.  Well, it’s never over until it’s over.
8) My tooth hurts again…. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to deal with it soon
9) Jennene still has cancer, but is over 2/3 done with chemo!  And, we’ve got a good system going for this ‘Cancer Season’.
10) Was a part of Adam & Megan’s wedding reception last weekend.  Always amazed at how willing the body of Christ is to just shut up and joyfully work hard to achieve other people’s worthwhile goals!
11) Eric Margrave has made me laugh a lot in the last few weeks!
12) Finally, plowed into my burgeoning GoogleReader posts (300+) … now down to under 60 (well, not counting the starred items 🙂 )
13) Am wanting to travel (international, but it will be a while, unless someone wants to throw down some sweet moolah)
14) Had dinner with Stonefire ith a former RA the other night.  So fun and refreshing
15) Got to talk to one of my cousins the other night … she’s so great and amazing and delightful!
16) Have been reading lots of real estate stuff (career development)
17) Have a huge To-Do list that never seems to get smaller … don’t we all 🙂


Just a little reminder, that my best friend Jennene will be taking her first hit of chemo on Monday at 9am.  CLICK HERE to read Sunday’s recap and Monday’s chemo schedule.  🙂

sj-anointed-time Sam & Jennene at the Taj Mahal in India March 2006




ok, sooo, the last couple of weeks have been pretty non-stop.  If you read this blog then you know that 2 weeks ago (the week before Christmas) was a week of extreme highs and lows.  This last week was filled other kinds of highs and lows and next week is sure to be filled with more highs and lows…we’re humans…thus highs and lows.


-was still sick enough all weekend.
-Had lunch w/Ona on Saturday 🙂
-Sunday, went to church for the ‘Candle Light Service’
-helped Adam Powell move all of his belongings to his new place where he & his new bride will reside upon their return from Thailand 🙂
-went with J&E and Gail down to Glendale for a family night at Steve & Debra’s…though the flat tire on the way down made for more adventure than expected.  Driving 50mph on LA freeways is AWESOME!
-On Monday, drove up to Hanford for some sweet love at the Harveys; filled with uniform, food, laughing, conversation, sickness, lively rounds of nerDs, hilarious Zach moments, Jennene’s blog updates, cool Christmas Eve Eve service :), food, laughing, tech issues, conversation, uniform…
-Drove home early on Christmas morn, showered, made my over to the Brocks for Christmas brunch, which was FANTASTIC!  Great company too…J&E, Jason & Steph, Mike, Gail (Js mom), Luke, Brad, Nadine.  Hilarious range of conversation topics too.  And, really great to get more than 2 minutes on Sunday am with the Beals!  🙂
-Spent the rest of the day in uniform at the Brocks with Mike (the Brocks went on to another family party); watching movies, reading dive magazines, planning dive destination trips and eating leftovers.  Honestly, does it get any better?
-Friday worked in the morning and then ran down to Huntington Beach on an errand and in the process met the nicest people in the world (aunt/uncle of one David Wolter), then dinner near LAX, then dropped Mike off for his trip to Thailand (for AP’s wedding and sweet sweet diving).
-Today…working, planning, communicating….booked flights to/from Denver for a funeral next Friday…I leave on Wednesday New Years Eve…Jennene starts chemo on Monday…life just keeps on rolling…


Just a reminder that if you’d like updates on Jennene, please click on over to (and subscribe to) http://www.DontWasteMyCancer.wordpress.com

For the post specifically about OncologyAppt  #1  click here


Sooo, as noted in the previous post, Jennene has cancer.  And, while that’s going to bring about some new ways of doing things, in the meantime the rest of the world and it’s goings on never seem to slow up.

Here’s an example… I’ve been sick since the night before Thanksgiving.  Including Thanksgiving Day, I was in bed for a solid week.  Then I had about 5 days of a reprieve during which time I taught at a junior high and a high school…germs never linger in those stomping grounds and they never go after weakened immune systems.  And then I was/am in bed again.  So, today, in fact, right this moment, marks my 3 week anniversary of having this bronchitus/flu plague that many people have had this season.  One way that I’m celebrating is by staying in bed as much as possible.

Another,’ in honor of my 3 week anniversary’ celebration, and at the advice of 2 people, I went out and bought myself a ‘Neti Pot’.
Google it and then enjoy the Youtube videos demonstrating its’ use.   Then find the guy that deviates from the healing saline solution and ventures to the coffee & wine (warning: he does swear at the end).  For more entertainment, find the guy who does homeopathic remedies ‘white trash’ style (also swears).  Wow.
In reality, when you get past the fact that you’re shoving a tea pot spout up your nose, it’s actually an amazingly relieving process…like a hot tub experience for your nasal pasages (and I didn’t swear).

In the last 3 weeks, I have
-spent more time in uniform than not
-coughed so hard that I’m pretty sure I have bruised/injured a rib on my right side (should I start Ace bandaging now)
-not had to feign ‘being awakened’ when i answer the phone 🙂
-had more non-doctors give me their unsolicited expert  ‘diagnosis’ than is appropriate …even my bank teller had a few ‘you need to’ action items after hearing my cough.  🙂
-grown somewhat immune to codeine cough syrup
-felt like someone packed my nasal pasage with wet cement
-have sneezed so violently, I think I’m joking (but I’m not)
-have wondered if someone boxed my ears while I was sleeping
-started coughing almost everytime I start talking…hmmm…maybe there’s a correlation…and an exhortation 🙂
-woken up with a raging headache 70% of the time
-refined my ‘Harvey Fierstein’ voice impressions
-been really stoked my branding color is green, cuz I’ve been coughing up LOTS of it
-my eyes burning like little infernos; impairing my vision from time to time
-have dragged myself out of bed only for the ‘essentials’ (church Christmas service/rehearsals, RA Elf reunion party (!), client tasks cuz some agents still fax (?!?!?), finally turning the heater on today…1st time this winter, email/facebook, best friend’s post cancer diagnosis dinner, neti pot purchase and usage, the occasional shower, etc.)
-debated if I’m faking it or not; I always think I’m faking it.  But, once I am better, the difference is so vast, that I realize I wasn’t faking it.

Have you experienced anything similar?  If so, what are your remedies?  What’s your expert opinion?