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Ok, so, after a long day of teaching, usually teachers have to race for the bathroom.
Don’t get a lot of bathroom breaks when you’re teaching all day.

Last week, I taught at a local junior high school.
I went to the bathroom after school let out.
Just wanted a moment’s rest and relief.
(is this too personal?)
Whilst sitting there, I looked up and here is the scene that I saw…

Really?  Really.
Now, between you and me (and the world wide web), I think it’s a bit over the top to continue peddling the school’s philosophical propaganda during the ONLY time when teacher’s can actually take a breather and entertain thoughts of far away beach scenes or breathtaking snow capped mountains from a Swiss tram.

You’ll be interested to know that what I didn’t take a picture of was the new sign telling people how to wash their hands (in response to the Swine Flu …hoax..I mean, panic).  Once again, mis-allocated time and money expenditures.
“It’s A Great Day For Learning”



I taught at La Mesa Jr. High on Thursday
7th grade History.
sidenote: The material topic= Martin Luther’s role in the Reformation. (thanx, God)

ME-Ok, does anyone have any questions about anything AT ALL (which is code for ‘we can kill some time and get to know each other)?
Girl 1-
How old are you?
Girl 1
(genuine smile lights up her face as she innocently says)- That’s how old my mom is!
Great.  So I could be your mom (said as a quasi statement/question). huh.
Girl 1
-When’s your birthday?
ME-end of may, I’ll be 36 in a couple weeks
Girl 1-
My mom’s birthday is the end of May too!
Great.  So your mom and I are almost the EXACT same age.  Mmmmm. (said with a fake smile… intended to get some laughs… it worked). 
Girl 2-
Do you have any kids?
-Nope.  However, apparently you could all be my children. (class laughs).

We took a class poll.  About 1/3 of the class had a mom or dad that was about 35 yrs old.

Game on


Sooo, this post is an ‘observational’ post, but could also be construed as complaining.
You make the call.

Ok, it was a long day today.  Not bad, just long.
-Taught 7th grade cherubs.  They were cool.  However, it was my 1st time with this class and so I had to do my ‘smack down’ intro 5 times. . . which gets old.
-During my teaching day, in between classes, in my prep period, while the kids were doing indpendent work, I was texting, emailing, returning voicemails for business deals.  I’m thankful that the technology exists to make it possible to do all that, but it does get mentally exhausting shifting from junior highers to adults to junior highers to adults (though, some of the adults act like jr highers 🙂 ).
After school, I…
-Hustled to meet a client to sign counter offers.
-Hustled to print off an addendum for another client and had them come to the office to sign.
-Hustled to scan/email all the paperwork to the various recipients
-Hustled to update all my office files

deep breath…
I was hungry so I went to In-n-Out to ‘grab a quick bite’.
I was hoping to grab some food and go to a quiet place and rock in the corner whilst huddled in the fetal position.
Here’s what happened instead
-Started in the drive through, but quickly deduced that it would be a tortoroulsy long wait
-Did some sweet manuevers to get into the main parking lot, parked and went inside
-Inside, there were only about 4 people in line ahead of me ….and I still waited almost 20 minutes for my food.  It’s not so much the waiting that was draining.  It was the observing all the people and behaviors and the predominant indifference almost every customer or, ‘guest’ as In-n-Out likes to call us, has for everyone else
-It was shockingly loud and the non-stop commotion was laughable…like an SNL skit (except i wasn’t really laughing)
-parents made zero effort to restrict their kids from yelling and/or shoving each other in the middle of the waiting area
-the counter guy is bellowing out order numbers as if his life depended on it and we were ALL 98% deaf
-people were cutting each other off at the drink machines and at the condiment counter
-I would say at least 48% of everyone in there (approx 45ppl total) had tattoos or chunky piercings or some combination … which tended to be the same people that had the attitude of overt disregard for all other humans
-Some people were loudly sharing their charged views of Ikea and had they should be banned for being one of the top users of wood: a natural resource blah blah blah
-I watched how people treated the counter girl who was taking orders.  Here’s an idea, general public: know what you want BEFORE you get the counter, so she doesn’t have to wait and watch you while you stare at the menu and mumble order ideas…

It was so much chaotic stimulation, that though I had already paid, I came incredibly close to walking out and going hungry…the lack of noise sounded more appealing than any food that required I endure that…

It was like the commotion of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ poster, but I didn’t want to find Waldo.
I wanted to run.  away.

I tried to smile and say thank you when they finally called my order for pickup.
ironically, my order was ‘ORDER NUMBER ONE!!!!’

-I pulled out of the parking lot and was instantly trapped behind a bus that pulled over and was blocking the road.  The song on my stereo was “Give Me Jesus’ ... “When i come to die, Oh, When I come to die, oh, when i come to die, Give me Jesus…You can have all this world, just give me Jesus”.