Easier than writing lots of individual emails


Sooooo, I’ve been pretty busy lately.  With lots of things, but definitley real estate.
I have long said that i should write a book (Office style) of the life and happenings of a competent agent.  I’m not sure if it would be a drama or a comedy.

I have maaaaany entries for my ever growing tome (crazy/ridiculous/unbelievable things happen everyday in this business).

Though a mild incident, the following vignette is just one tiny example of the level of professionalism that I’m dealing with on a minute by minute basis these days (and one more reason why I will not reduce my commissions…I EARN my money).  🙂
*EXPLICIT MATERIAL.  If you have any young children reading this with you, you should have them leave the room at this time

-trying to preview homes for a client
-calling all of the listings to verify status, make appt with occupant, determine any other relevant info
-always seeking to be professional and friendly (cuz you should as a human) because you never know who you’re going to need to be negotiating with in the long run

-introductions etc
-ME: (calling on a 3/2 little tract quasi single family home in a copperhill neighborhood…standard…nothing unique) I see your listing says I need to give 24hr notice.  Is it still occupied and do you still need 24hr notice
-THE OTHER AGENT (TOA): oh, that should be showing as pending
-ME: oh, huh.  maybe I didn’t refresh the page.  well, so it’s pending.  congratulations!
-TOA: thanx! But, here’s what I’d like to do (said with a lot of salesy-ness), I’d like to take your name/number because I have another listing in the same tract that will be on the market tomorrow and it is G-OR-GEOUS . . . (blah blah blah…goes on and on and on about the features…is VERY flamboyant about the upgrades/colors/etc. and then says..) Let me put it to you this way…I never have an orgasm when I walk into a house.  I had an orgasm when i walked into this house. okay? (his tone made me picture a stereotypical gay guy waving his hand in the air).  I’m serious this is the most A-MAZING house you’ll ever see.
-ME: (nonchalantly and rolling my eyes, silienlty sighing with complete disinterest) Huh.  Ok, my number is  _
-TOA: Great.  I’ll call you.

Not one word of that was made up or exaggerated.
Welcome to my life.
Real estate is not for the fainthearted.



  Jennene wrote @

I’m thinking about Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” right now…

  Jenni, Liz, Rebecca, & Jesseca THE GETZ IT SOLD TEAM wrote @

This is great! We laughed our you-know-whats-off! We all need to get together and put together a compilation of crazy stuff we’ve seen & heard. We all have stories like this. Agents would pay big bucks for a book of funny stuff like this! We need a good laugh once and a while, it’d be a nice change from rocking in the corner because another one fell out. 🙂

  Kasey Boles wrote @

Oh boy….

  amycoadventures wrote @

oh brother! you’re not kidding. keep those commissions, sister.

  Franchesca wrote @

amazing. how do people do it? And not crack up. I’m that person watching and staring and asking myself if what I just saw/heard really happened. And thanks for the welcome.

  Jason B wrote @

I guess T.M.I. isn’t required training for a real estate license.

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