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I commented on Melissa Burns’ photo blog.

In order to submit the comment, I had to type in the word verification.

The word to verify was  (drum roll) . . .  ‘SUPBOO’.

(insert Seinfeld blank stare with slight smirk, famous bass line, audience laugh/clap)

Welcome to my life.



So, I got an email notification from my bank that one of my accounts was below the specified balance. . . Which is weird because I only use that particular account for certain debit bills.  So, I logged on to see what was up.  To my surprise I saw 2 transactions that were unfamiliar.  I cliked on the history and one was a ‘Foreign transaction Fee’ and one was for a name that i’d never heard of, nor can I pronounce.

After the rat maze of voicemail with my bank, I FINALLY got a live person and was promptly transferred 3 times (having to repeat my name, acct #, birthday, last 5 of my SSN, and the purpose for my call EVERY time.  Now, isn’t that why we have computers?  To avoid unnecessary duplication and time wasting?)
Through my detective work at each level of transfer, I learned that the foreign transaction fee (#1) was affiliated with the unrecognizable fee (#2).   Fee #2 is a foreign ferry transport company.  Huh.  I’m pretty sure that I was in SCV at a birthday party for a 2 year old when that fee was charged.  As far as I remember, that party was NOT in Germany.

After the claims agent was pretty unhelpful except for reading her scripts and treating me like I’m a moron, she did offer one helpful piece of advice: google the name of the transaction company.  While I did that, my bank will be MAILING me paperwork in the next FIVE days, I’ll have TEN days to return it, and then they will look into the dispute.  What google found in FOUR seconds was that the unauthorized debit to my acct was made by THIS German subway company.
Really, Germany?
Really guys?
is your legacy of robbing millions of innocent people of their lives during the war, through cruelty and inhumanity, not enough?
Now you want my wee bank account?
Game on.

STUFF 2/16/09

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a worthy update…and will continue to be a long time, as this won’t be worthy.  This is a shorty…

I can barely remember what my name is let alone remember what I’ve been up to the last few weeks, but I will give it a whirl.

-Have subbed high school and have had some GREAT class discussions ranging from Valentine’s plans to theistic evolution to predestination to world travel to robotic inventions to Octomom to politics… and I have those same students again this week!  🙂  I love them.
-Have learned more and more about technology as a result of real estate and cancer.   🙂  Who knew!
-Have been negotiating deals for clients and love the litigious state of California more than ever…who doesn’t LOVE tedious paperwork?
-Have been to more medical facilities than usual and hung out in oncology
-Have been duly noting the drying up of the ‘creative juices’ well when it comes to catchy titles for Jennene’s cancer blog posts
-Have been incredibly thankful for the body of Christ and the Worship team
-Have had lots more time with Jennene then maybe any other time in our almost 20year friendship!  Thanx, cancer.
-Went diving at Catalina this last weekend.  Loved that whilst standing on shore and putting on my wetsuit about to get into the ocean, I could look across the water at the snow capped San Gabriel mountains.  Come on!  California is awesome!
-Have been thankful for my roommates and LOVE the fact that there are foreign languages spoken in my home.  I love walking up the stairs and hearing Icelandic conversations wafting in the background!!!!
-Have gotten to meet for lunch/dinner with some people I’ve been meaning to for a while
-Attended the anual Arts in The One World conference at Cal-Arts in January.  Met cool people and learned/saw amazingly cool/heartbreaking things.
-Have had some great ‘catch up’ phone calls with old friends
-Have spent more money on my car (that whole ‘seat belt law’ thing)
-Have been really thankful for lots of things, in general
-Have consistently been 200+ posts behind on my googlereader
-Have learned 2 new songs for Worship team that I like.  Thanx, Chuck Hooten for one of them.
-Have seen a couple of movies (cancer down time and other).  Sidenote: I want a dad or a husband like the main character in TAKEN.  One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while!
-Have been pondering, again, my role in the abolition of human traffiking and how to show the gospel in rescue/justice
-Have been really really tired, but stoked about Heaven (capitalized.  it’s a proper noun).

Aaaand now I’d like to go to bed.
THAT’S how tired I am…it’s only 10:15pm and i want to go to bed already.


OK, if you know me, you’re probably familiar with my acronym habit (AH).
You say a phrase, but I see/hear it in an acronym.
Maybe i’m savant.
Maybe not.
Probably not.
I know I’m not.

For someone who thinks in terms of acronyms, you’d assume that initials would be pretty 2nd nature for me.
Apparently not.

Here’s just how ridiculous I am….
So, for YEARS, i’ve heard the jingle from Kay jeweler, ‘Every kiss begins with Kay’.
Oh, that’s sweet.  he give her jewelry.  She melts.  She kisses him.  He thanks ‘Kay’.
Beyond that, never gave it a 2nd thought.

Tonight, for the first time ever, I realized that it was a double meaning: a physical kiss begins with the letter ‘K’ as well as jewelry from Kay being the catalyst for a thankful/romantic kiss.

I discovered all this whilst on J&E’s couch (all of us having sung the phrase about 2,000 times tonight).
I guess it was kind of like an Oprah ‘Ah-Ha’ moment (but not at all).
E&J were shocked that I had never seen it in the 2nd meaning.
That’s me, full of surprises.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
May all your kisses begin with ‘K’ or ‘Kay’.


I was on Facebook the other day and saw various friend’s pictures and I laughed at something that I’ve noticed for a long time in people pictures…. in ‘group’ pics when people lean over so as to be in the frame…and usually the frame has many feet margin.  I’ve always thought it was funny (I do it.  and I’m sure you do too).
Any ideas as to why we do that?
Why don’t we just sit straight up, like we do in real life?

That’s all.


I just got this email (from a real estate publication).  It’s a sign of the times.  And, I’m thankful that my local law enforcement agency is doing their part.
Hey, criminals…get jobs and pay your own rent.

“SCV Sheriff’s Launch Vacant House Check Program

During these challenging economic times and the downturn in the housing and real estate markets we may see an increase in the number of vacant houses and other structures throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. If not maintained, secured, and frequently checked, some of these vacant structures can become a haven for those intent on wrong doing. These vacant properties can lead to incidents of trespassing, vandalism, unlawful parties or gatherings, arson, drug use, and other illegal or nuisance related activities that can further reduce property values and challenge the peace, serenity, and safety of our neighborhoods.

As part of our forward-thinking approach towards best protecting our community, the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station’s Crime Prevention Unit, in direct partnership with the City of Santa Clarita and County of Los Angeles, has developed and launched a new “Vacant House Check” program. Although we also want property owners and agents to pay extra attention to these types of properties, the new program puts in place a system where deputies, volunteers on patrol, reserve deputies, and other station staff members can work directly with them. The personnel will randomly check vacant properties including houses, condominiums, businesses, or other structures, submitted by you throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

If you are aware of a vacant or abandoned structure in your neighborhood or business community that appears to be run-down or attracting a criminal element, simply fill out the form at the following link: www.scvsheriff.com/vacanthouse/. Provide as much information as you can about the property and they will check it out. Working together during challenging times we can make a difference.”


So, my friend Jeff sent me this link and I think it will be one that I check every so often.

A group of people decided that they would track the campaign claims of whoever was elected as President.

Well, now we have the elected President and they have the site up.
CLICK HERE to follow the claims over the next 4 years.

AND, before anyone rushes to vehement judgement,  it is a good opportunity for all of us to take a moment and notice what comes out of our mouths.  What if someone (in addition to God) was keeping track of everything you said or everything I said?