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My friend recently drove by a street corner filled with ‘No on Prop 8’ supporters.
Before I tell you what she saw, let me just say this…Regardless of which side of the issue you’re on…stupid is as stupid does….and here is an example of it… as advertised on a poster, held by a ‘no on 8’ woman. In painstakingly colored rainbow lettering, “If the fetus you are protecting turned out to be gay, would you still want to abort it?”


Ok, this ‘No on Prop 8’ activist seems to not know her political issues or how to effectively stick it to the opposition.   I’m sure she has other strengths.  In the meantime, she might want to brush up on relevant terminology…AND, while she’s at it, might want to brush up on the actual issue.  Cuz, yeeeah, this pithy counterproductive ‘zinger’ did not land…well, it landed, but it landed in the ‘stupid is as stupid does’ bin.



SO, today I “taught” 8th grade math at Placerita junior high. 
In compliance with my class policy “when I ask ‘does anyone have any questions about anything at all?’, you can ask me anything you want…that’s appropriate for the classroom of course”, I fielded lots of questions from 5 classes…here are a few highlights…and it gives you an insight as to how many different levels of maturity that a teacher is dealing with in a classroom…everyday.  (as an example: I had one boy run into class about 20 minutes late…he thought it was Thursday, all day, and had been sitting in the wrong class for the 1st 20 minutes of class. he has other strengths.)

-Who are you voting for?
-What will you dress up as for Halloween?
-Do you like pop tarts?
-What does religion have to do with politics?
-What’s your favorite candy?
-What’s your favorite amusement park ride?
-What do you fear the most?
-Chocolate of vanilla ice cream?
-Are you voting yes or no on Prop 8?

You can imagine which questions generated better class discussions than others.  🙂


I just happened to notice that i currently have 666 friends on Facebook. 
I hope someone wants to add me as a friend soon (though, I guess I could respond to those ‘friend suggestions’ that are in my box). 

Why write a post about it?  The same reason that I put a picture of my car odometer at 100,000.  It’s just numerically momentous.


Hello www readers….

Today was a great day….here are some highlights

Our Worship Team only gets a few Sundays off every year…today was one of those days.   Sooo, some of our Worship Team members: Jeff, Adam, Jennene and myself  (accompanied by Jessi Gates and my roommate, Andrea) ventured our on the following field trip…

1.  Breakfast & Coffee at Noah’s Bagels….ie. meeting place for our excursion
2.  10am church service at Hollywood Church, pastored by Chris Barksdale (husband of mine & Jennene’s college roommate, Sarah), and attended by my great friends, the Ikegamis (well, they don’t just attend, they’re actually really involved too).  It’s rare that I get to visit other churches and it was awesome for lots of reasons…but more later (maybe). 
3.  Lunch at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles (see pics on Sikegami’s blog).
4. Was incredibly pleasantly surprised at the movie we saw at the Arclight ….fantastic… Changeling.
5. Hollywood activist and I discussing prop 8…more later (maybe)
6. Drive home debrief of the day…
7. Dinner, dessert…now watching 30Rock

A great Sabbath…


Don’t have much time…some things on my mind…want to share before I forget

-Four New Blogs
http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ !!!!!!!!!  The commentary alone is FANTASTIC!

-You know you might have too much on your mind when you do as I did today.
As I was blow drying my hair, it felt stringy & greasy which is not normal and since i had JUST gotten out of the shower wherein I had shampooed my hair.  I shockedly realized that I think I did not rinse my hair whilst in the shower.  huh.  I think the last time I did that was in the 1st grade.  

-I have been cleaning out boxes, filing cabinets, closets and drawers in the inbetween moments…I LOVE getting rid of stuff! 
I just dropped off a box of books for our fundraiser book drive for ICU.  If you have any books that you want to get rid of..let me know.

-I want to travel…am getting the bug…and I want to go diving soon…would like to find a way to combine them soon…and for free….I can dream.

-Finally got my car washed…


Soooo, if anyone knows how tough the real estate market is these days, it’s me.  Because, well, i AM a real estate agent.  Thankfully, my business has been steady this last year (praise the LORD). 

However, even in a ‘great’ market, agents are routinely up against a negative public perception…I oft feel like agents are likened to used car salesmen.  Like used car salesman, people don’t trust most agents.  Now, some agents have certainly earned it, but those of us who are legit and trustworthy, well, we do not appreciate when the media or TV shows or gossips run us down.  But, let’s be honest, when your own industry publications have this on the cover…. “Step Into the Limelight.  Media training and acting techniques will give you an edge in the field.”…

you just have to shake your head and say ‘Really, real estate? 
Does this help the public’s perception?  Acting?  Really?’

Let me set MY record straight… a good agent is one who is ethical, who knows contracts, knows people, knows the local market and knows how to communicate (which includes communicating with the client, with the affiliates, and with anyone that crosses the path of a transaction).  A good agent does not need acting classes to get an edge in the field

A good agent, or shall I say a GREAT agent, does his/her job with truth, knowledge and excellence.
Yes, I’m an agent who has not taken acting classes.  I’ve gotten my ‘edge in the field’ by hard work & honesty.  The testimonial page on my website  will attest. 
So, again, with comic disdain, I say ‘Really, Real Estate?  Really?’.


The Flowers JUST posted the announcement of the 5th annual PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST!!!! 
Check it out,
read the rule modifications (becasue of Jessi Gates’s shenanigans last year), go sit on a mountain top with Confuscious and your sketch pads and let the inspiration flow!…then carve it like you mean it! 

if you like to vote, but not touch, put 10/31, 11/1 & 11/2 on your calendar as the ‘TRUE’ voting days…
Obama? McCain? who?  …. no people, we need to cast our votes for the  ”Most Original”, “Most Hallo-weenie”, “Artistry Award”, “Best Self-Portrait” and “Best All Around”! 
If presidential voting had these kinds of categories, it would be Sooooo much easier to pick a president. 

Flowers.  Blog.  Now.