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Sooooooo, here are some updates…

-Man Pageant was a success!  If you have Facebook, find the ‘ICU club at VHS’ and add…there you will find great pics and VIDEO of the ‘talent portion’…which was my favorite element, especially the 1 man, 2 scene, 3 character rendition of a Spanish soap opera!  Thank you to EVERYONE who cared!  It was so worth the almost 2 days of recovery…(we had an all day screening and THEN the Man Pageant at night…and I’m getting too old for these marathon events that require standing for 15 hours).  🙂  Oh, and Ricky from La Mesa graduated and is now at VHS….remember him ‘Batman, Robin’?  He came to the screening and when he saw me at the door, he instantly remembered my name.  🙂
Cast & Crew

-A new favorite activity…’Monday .99 tacos at La Rumba in Saugus’ (with the Brocks!).  SERIOUSLY, it is the best taco in the SCV.  In addition to the cheap deliciosity, another element that makes it so fun is our server, Moises (pronounced ‘Moy-sis’)  He’s my new favorite merchant in SCV…great service, witty humor, local business minded…everything I love in a restaurant server.  So, we’re there every Monday night…feel free to join us!  FYI-the tacos are .99 all day/night on Monday.  🙂  Tip big and tell Moises I sent you!

-The Black Widow Death Toll at my house is now at 15!
  I actually bought ant/spider spray, but I knew it would not kill the widow, as they are resilient to almost all pesticides.  I bought it as a decoy and I got my test run 2 nights ago…I sprayed it to death (but not really).  SHe shriveled over and over, but eventually started unfolding again.  However, in her shriveling process she’d fallen from the web to the ground.  I let the writhing go until I had a solid body shot….then I dropped the Reef hammer.  Instant death. 

-I saw 2 movies since I last wrote.
  One was outstanding and one was ‘eh’.  The 2 movies were ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘Righteous Kill’…I won’t tell you which was which unless you really want to know. 

-Lately, I have been stunned by the stupidity and corruption in the real estate world.  Too much to write here, but trust me…it’s CRAZY out there!  I’m praying for Christlikeness and grace…otherwise I will be a perfect candidate for anger management classes.

-I recently solidified a major element of my political positioning.  I am confident that every person who is of the age of accountability is a free standing moral agent who should make their own choices and consequently, will answer for those choices (whether they be good or bad choices, immoral or moral, but they will be answered for, eventually).  
However, there are humans who don’t get the chance to answer for themselves.  I am quite clear that what God requires of me, and holds me accountable for, is playing a part in protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  I can not actively support anything that advocates murder of innocent children.  I will answer to God for my choices in life and I will answer for how I used my time, my resources, my life (or rather, the time, resources, life that HE gave me).  I know that He condemns the murder of the innocent and that I will answer for my role in fighting it.  I could spend my time fighting things like ‘gay marriage’ , but grown ups can make their own choices.  Murdered children can not.  Soooooooooo, looks like my choices for political voting have been dramatically narrowed for me.   Aaaand, I’m kind of stoked about that.

-I lost my favorite (and only) black fleece hoodie.  I left it at the restaurant on Saturday morning.  Tear.  I think The Way Station lied about ‘not finding it’.  You know how they are.

-I had a ‘My Life As A Seinfeld Episode’ incident with a retarded person.  I’m not joking.  It’s too long to go into here, but trust me, I wish there was a hidden camera on me as the retarded girl cursed me and then ignored me as I tried 6 times to speak with her.  Thankfully I’ve worked with special ed kids in the past, so I was somewhat prepared.  Good stuff!

-I saw my roomate, Una, 2 times today…which makes 3 times since she’s moved in.  We get along FANTASTICALLY! 🙂



MAN PAGEANT ’08….tonight…7pm…Valencia High School.
You’re invited…everyone you know is invited….seating is limited…$7 at the door.
You will not want to miss it…it’s for the kids!
watch the manly promo….
post the manly flier…

Man Pageant…do it!


Welp, since I last wrote…
-I haven’t slept much
-I taught 2 days of 7th/8th grade ELD I, II, III classes…which are students who don’t speak English (on 3 levels)…DEFINITELY some hidden camera show moments…as you know, I am not bi-lingual
-Went diving on Catalina: it was more of a ‘trial & error’ trip, as it was the 1st completely ‘independent of all supervision’ dive trip for both Mike & I.  We didn’t die, so that’s good.
-Worked for a week as an office manager at a manufacturing plant…they make jet parts (might have mentioned that earlier)
-Showed houses and wrote 2 offers for 2 different clients
-Tried to connect over the phone with a SD friend …dueling schedules making it prohibitive
-Have spent lots and lots of time doing worship team stuff
-Went out on a limb and tried a new set of toppings at Subway: spinach, feta cheese and Greek sauce…yes, please.
-Had meetings with ICU president, Amelia, regarding the Man Pageant ’08 (which is in 2 days: THursday!) and had meetings at VHS with other students
-Spent time with Valeria and Lindsay (my eyebrows and hair are so thankful); was also a witness to radically beneficial changes for Mike B.
-Visited Curt’s renowned grounds in Box Canyon
-Hung out with the Brocks: special time, field trips, meetings, weddings….
-Lured friends into ‘ .99 Taco Mondays’ at La Rumba …I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a staple event!
-Had my 1st ‘House Meeting’ with my new roommates…went great…haven’t seen them since (it was 2 weeks ago)
-Started a new book during my lunch break for ELD subbing…pretty good…once again, I love the WWII era
-Called the sherrif 2x due to unruly neighbors who loudly rev up around 11:45pm…on Saturday

I wish I could give more highlights, but gotta run…


The post title is a common answer that I give when I’m subbing.  The question that’s asked is usually asked of teachers multiple times a day and it usually indicates a student’s evaluation process of how lazy they can be without suffering a bad grade.  If the answer is ‘No, this is class work’, chances are good that they won’t actually do the assignment.  If the answer is ‘Yes, this will be graded’, chances are good that 50% of them will not want an ‘F’ on the assignment and consequenlty, will actually do the assignment. 

Sooooo, I say ALL that to introduce 2 standard assignment compilations…
Let me set the stage though and ask something of you.  Imagine yourself standing in front of 6 different classes of 30+ students in each class period.  Imagine you introducing yourself, laying down the law, and then opening it up for them to ask you anything they want (that’s appropriate, of course).  Imagine yourself looking at them and them at you, imagine their side comments, imagine your desire to use every answer to hook them, to challenge them, to broaden their understanding, to protect them, to show them love, to make them laugh, to relate to them, to actually educate them…
So, NOW, as you read their questions of me or their statements about themselves, imagine that it’s you standing there…what would you say to them?  How would you answer sincere questions from teeanagers?

2.  Based on our class discussion yesterday, what 10 questions would you like to ask Miss Neylan

Teachers have such an immense and profound opportunity every time they stand up in front of a  group of students and they open their mouths (or don’t open their mouths).  My hat’s off to all you teachers who use your role in life for their ultimate good…often it’s not the popular position.  But, we all know, they NEED people like you to strive for their ultimate good…because most of the rest of the world is happy to devour their minds and lives.

So, though some are funny, their questions represent world views…or the lack of them.  Their questions represent truths and lies, sorrows and joys, knowns and unknowns…things that they really are stumbling through in life.


In the last several years I have become a minimalist.  For real.  So, I am rarely buying anything new.  In fact, I’m usually trying to throw stuff away (or donate it). 

I’ve been working all week at an office, filling in for an office manager who is out on vacation (the one who LOVES cats in an unacceptable way…evidenced by her desk decor).  Surprisingly, I flipped through a great catalogue of cool stuff (that i don’t need) called ‘Acacia’ (to give you a vibe of style: I called Jai and gave her the web site).  It’s a pretty ‘touchy feel-eee, yoga-love yourself & the universe’ type catalogue.  HOWEVER, they had some super cool stuff: some unique, and therefore you’re forced to pay top dollar, and some ridiculous stuff that’s cool, but can be found at places like Harriet Carter for 1/3 of the price.

Two such examples of Harriet Carter goods, that I ACTUALLY want, (but won’t pay Acacia’s chic prices of $35 & $36), are these:

It’s like an eye mask…for your feet and a yoga session… for your toes. 
I found the ‘Healthy Toes’ toe stretcher on Harriet Carter for $12.98, but can’t seem to find the ‘Sole Savers Spa Wraps’

Soooo, knowing that there is strength in numbers, I am solitciting the masses…..
Any other internet bargain hunters who want to strut your stuff?  Show me who’s boss?  Stick it to the man?
If you can find a better deal on either of these items, I’ll let you borrow them.


I just added the WordPress Application to my Facebook profile.  This is just a test post.  I want to see what happens.  If you see something that I should know…do tell.


And, high fives to the person who can tell me where I got my post title.


I had lunch today with a friend from church (we were at her office).  She had to take a call during lunch…the caller was obviously a salesperson.  My friend was polite, hung up, sighed and said, ‘You know, the older I get the more convinced I am that all I want to sell is Jesus.”

Food for thought….