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1.  It’s SHARK WEEK!!!  I deleted half my DVR list to make room for the shows that will stay on my list for the next 6 months…and will be watched over and over.  So far, all the attack shows have commented on surfers & swimmers…no divers.  Only surface activities.  So, everyone who keeps telling me that diving is so dangerous cuz of shark attacks…swim off!
2.  A new website I recently learned about  www.Sellout.woot.com  .  They have one new product per day.  It last for 24 hous or until it sells out.  The prices are ridiculous.
3.  The Harveys will be here in a few hours! 
4.  The TATLOCK’S home is in escrow, taking back up offers.  God is good!  🙂  5 days on the market!
5.  I recently saw an episode of the Office that I somehow missed, titled ‘Did I Stutter’…where Stanley mouths off to Michael and then Michael ‘Fake Fires’ Stanley.  I laughed out loud when Michael asked Darrell about how gang members deal with conflict and Darrell told him about ‘Fluffy Fingers’…when gang members tickle each other and before you know it they’re laughing and going out to ice cream with each other.



Sooo, I’ve wanted to write about this since it happened last week.  This will be a 2-parter post (TPP)…cuz one event led to an observation that resulted in an ongoing conversation…that I’d like to invite you into. 

Soooo, we all know that my life is a Seinfeld episode.  And, I guess, i would not want it any other way…or else my blog would be pretty useless.

OK, Jennene and I have been trying to play racquetball lately.  We’ve been ‘trying’, whilst Eric has actually been playing when he plays with us.  He’s got lots of patience.  ANYway, I saw signs at the gym for ‘Free Raquetball Demo 6-8pm’.  What better way to imporve our atrocious attempts at hitting that tiny blue ball against walls than to attend a workshop?  Free too! I figured there’d be about 5 or 6 gym members being instructed by some 49 year old guy, complete with head and wrist bands, who has been playing for 10+ years and thinks he’s the ‘it’ to racquetball.  I also pictured a guy with a white tank top, hairy chest and probably driving an ’84 corvette.  Stay tuned….

We show up to a crowd of about 40-50 HARD CORE racquetball players (the racquetball bags, gloves, outfits, goggles, the egos…the whole nine yards).  Instantly, I internally squeal with glee as I know we are stepping into a deep subculture!  Now, my dad played rball while I was growing up…he was the guy who beat everybody…in fact, he was the guy I previously described, minus the white tank and hairy chest.  My dad was REALLY REALLY good.  So, I was flashing back to the racquetball subculture immersion of my youth.  Flash forward to Jennene and I standing there looking at each other and knowing that we are so far out of our league it’s like a Seinfled episode waiting to unfold!

Through some stealthy navigating through all the testoserone, gear, hype, I gather vital information about our ‘demo-speaker’ who is about 20 minutes late.  Our demo-speaker is ranked number one in indoor AND outdoor racquetball…ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the honorable, 29 year old, ROCKY CARSON .  He talked to the throngs, answered questions, started playing down the list of EIGHTEEN people that signed up to ‘Play with the Pro’ (they asked us if we wanted to sign up-we laughed and passed the clipboard to the next guy, who was the world champion in age 70+ division in racquetball…and slalom skiing, water skiing, etc).  It was bizarre to watch grown men drool over this kid.  It was worse than how guys act when a hot girl walks in the room.  It was like a worship service,with Rocky on the altar.  Rocky really was an UNBELIEVABLE player/athlete…and he was really genuienly a nice guy.  In fact, I kind of wondered if he was a Christian due his humility, his countenance and the way he treated people, etc.

While there are about 42 other things that made the fact that Jennene and I attended this workshop completely hilarious, I will move on to my PART 2 intro… it was CLEARLY a subculture.  And, I thrive on being exposed to sub cultures! 

J&E& I went home and started talking about sub-cultures over dinner….we brainstormed about all the subcultures we are in, have been in, were exposed to via growing up, etc… the list was immense….

Because it’s a fascinating ‘data gathering’ topic with friends and family, I brought up the same discussion with Paul and Becka when I was at their place in the OC (which is it’s own subculture, as well).  We had a lot of laughs and ‘oh yeah!’s  🙂    PART 2 will be a list of subcultures…I want to hear your contributions too!


So, I try really hard to see things in light of eternity.  in general, in the scope of eternity, my life does fly by…35 years just flew by!  I am not always succesful with an eternal perspective, but it makes sense that my life and its’ happenings are just a blip on the radar.  HOWEVER, there are some manadtory mundane tasks that make me feel like I’m in earthly slow motion…and that it’s never going to end. 
Can you relate to these tasks?  the kind  that seem like they must be started over within minutes/hours/days after their completion?
filling up my car with gas.  That started getting old about 2 months after I got my license (17 years ago)
Shaving my legs, armpits, etc.  That started getting old about 6 months after I started (23 years ago ?)
Going to the bathroom.   That started getting old…about 35 years ago…. at least I’m not doing it in my pants anymore…though I will be in about 40 more years.
Grocery Shopping/Eating in general …while there are some shining moments…in general it started getting old about 25 years ago…the parking, the carts, the price comparision shopping, having to actually prepaRe food (the time, the measuring, the dishes, the speed in which it gets consumed)
Basic housecleaning (though I’m horrible about cleaning maintenance…I’m one of those who likes to cram housecleaning for when a visitor is coming).  So, that got old about 20 years ago.
Showering.  Though I can NOT stand to be dirty, just thinking about the daily drama of pre-mid and post showering, mentally fatigues me.   It got old about 25 years ago.
Paying my Mortgage and HOA fees….and all bills, I guess.
-Getting my hair colored/cut.
  The constant need for this task…the decisions of WHAT color, WHICH cut, am I really paying $130 for that which I am going to have to pay for again in about 2 months?  Yeah, that got old about 20 years ago.

These are the general tasks that make me feel like I’m a rat on a treadmill and I will never die.  But, I do know that this life really is a fleeting vapor and soon I will be with Jesus in eternity… I hope that when I meet him I have a full tank of gas, am not doing the pee-pee dance, have just eaten, am well groomed, and have paid all my bills so creditors aren’t calling my relatives after I’m in the grave (or rather in heaven).

Come quickly LORD (or take me quickly, LORD)


Soooooooooooooo, I have been jotting down some post ideas that I wanted to eventually share.  The problem is that i can’t decide if I want to do bullet point topics or if I want to expound on some of them. 

Can I get some votes?  bullet points or short posts-topics specific


I am a card carrying  ‘PADI CERTIFIED OPEN WATER DIVER’!!!!
Check out the chart below (can you find my classification?)….there are many more levels I can pursue…maybe Cavern Diver will be next?  Or mostly NOT.  While I love diving, I do not love being in enclosed spaces, underwater, with my main lifeline in a tank on my back.  I’m pretty sure guys like Reuben should be Cavern Diving (our instructor…his name is on my card if you want to get certified). 
As for me, I’m stickin with Open Water at this point!!! 🙂  Yay!  I have my cert card!!!  I’m totally gonna start flashing it, like a CSI badge.


Soooooo, you heard it here first, the Tatlocks have listed their home for sale, with me. 
They love their current house, but they are walking through some open doors for a specific house that might be a GREAT move for them (space, investment, hospitality, etc).  Like the Tats, I know many of you have lots of memories in this house (parties: SLS, RAs, RDs, WOW, Chapel Media, Bible Study, Women’s groups, etc)!

So, HERE’S THE VIRTUAL TOUR.  Check it out (stroll down memory lane) and if you or anyone you know may want to buy it, let me know or send them my way.  AND, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!   Here are a few details: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2,241 sq ft, VIEWS, $434,000.
this is a GREAT price for a turnkey home in Valencia in this sq footage!


This is BY FAR the BEST thing I’ve seen in a long time.  CLICK HERE to read/watch it.  Give yourself enough time to read/watch it all (maaaybe 4 minutes total).  Horrifying, ridiculous, vexing…terribly vexing. 
Some days it’s just embarrasing to be part of the Western human race. 

MANY props to Lisa Martin for taking the time and making the effort…you’ve altered my day!