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I love when Todd Bolen does posts of random finds..so, in the spirit of ‘sharing’, here are a couple of fun discoveries

1.  Feedback from consumers on almost any ‘info-mercial’ product…knowledge is power.
2.  Be your own doctor; check your symptoms 🙂
3.  Gift ideas for moms, grandmas, people who like unique stuff

Beyond that, I’ve had a reasonable week:
1.  Have done some grading with Jennene (grading is boo, btw)
2.  Had a birthday (35th)… it had some funny elements of ‘you know you’re old when…’
-had my teeth cleaned at my new dentist (and learned SO much from my new hygenist)
-ran errands
-my new camera and Rota Dent toothbrush arrived!
-reconnected with my former AWESOME dentist, Dr Tran, for a 2nd opinion
-full of many fantastic b-day wishes (including 2 ‘early’ ones due to international time zones-thanx Bruce & Jessi)!
-Talked to my birthday buddy, Kate Spansel-we call each other every year since we share the same b-day 🙂
-got to attend VHS graduation at COC and work the ‘diploma distribution’ station…SO, I actually got to hand Robert & Alli their official HS diplomas!  SO fun (and sad that they’re moving on). 

3.  Worked (of course): real estate & subbing
4.  Had my garage door fixed (LOVE homeownership)
5.  Lots of internet research about lots of things (THANX world wide web)
6.  Started a new book; will give my review upon completion
7.  Talked to Mark Spansel about his family’s upcoming move to OHIO to take a Sr. Pastor position!!!!!! Happy for them, but sad that he won’t be nearby
8. Have watched the house slowly vacate, as my roommates move out today (May 31st).
9.  Have had 2 responses from Craig’s List…not sure if they’re viable yet.  Still praying 🙂
10. Scheduled my first ever ‘BULK PICK UP’ from waste management. 
11. Started my mandatory real estate license renewal work
12. Cleaned up my ‘yard’ , also known as our patio, that had taken a beating in the winter elements (again, LOVE home ownership) 🙂
13. Went to DMV (again) and got the same rude ‘service’ person.  It wasn’t as bad as last week (I’m not sure I posted about it), but it sure wasn’t my favorite.  Smiling is.  Now work’s my new favorite.

UPCOMING WEEK (isn’t it you, Berit, that likes the ‘upcoming’ lists? 🙂 )
-graduation party for one of our ICUers
-3 days of subbing a 7th grade science class (last week of school at a junior high…should be pretty funny!)
-real estate work (of course)
-a few dinner engagements; a few lunch engagements
-studying/reading: real estate, other stuff
-our ICU year-end party at Alli’s (watching War Dance & hanging out)
-NOT going out of town!!!!!! (in the last 3 months, I’ve been gone a total of 31 days)

Well, I”m off (to see the wizard).




I’ve been subbing for almost 4 years now, so my ‘firsts’ are getting fewer and fewer.  HOWEVER, yesterday I had 2!

1.  3 kids gleefully (and unsolicited by me) gave me their MySpace urls.  Really? Really.  I repeatedly told them I probably would not contact them, but they insisted.  I told them to google me and if they contacted me, i MIGHT reply.  It was a little creepy and kind of cool that the internet could allow some of us to stay in touch.

2.  It was the last period of the day, 5 kids left in the classroom and were leaving for the day.  All of the sudden, one girl started screaming and tearing her backpack and jacket off of herself.  I generally don’t react to things like this, I just wait to see what happens when the dust settles.  As she got her backpack off and continued to scream, she finally said ‘There’s a cockroach on me’.  In my heart I kind of rolled my eyes with an ‘oh, really?’, I looked down and sure enough, I looked on the floor and there was a large disgusting cockroach.  Due to my recent fascination with a show called Verminators, I knew just how disgusting this creature was and what it’s presence meant.  I have NO idea how/why this cockroach was in the classroom ON this poor little girl.  The BEST part of the whole thing was that ANOTHER girl told everyone to calm down (the 2 boys in the room), as she nonchalantly got a piece of paper, scooped it up and took it outside.

I have 3 days of subbing left on the calendar….I hope I get a few more firsts!


SO, I am actively looking for renters.  As usual, Craig’s List is so great!  HERE is my post. 
If you or anyone you know might be interested… call/write me.  🙂


The message at church was good.  I had lots to consider about the way I think/live, in light of what jesus gave me.  I wonder about finances, relationships, emergencies, politics, education, the future and other such realms of life.  I talked with Jennene in the parking lot after lunch about some of it.  I left feeling like God is really so very kind and merciful to us all.

WIth a reflective heart and an overcast day, I drove home a different route.  As I waited to turn right at the light, I saw Eternal Valley up in the distance (a cemetery here in SCV).  It had been a while since I’d been there, so I drove in and found a spot up at the top of the hill that overlooks the valley.  I was up near the Armed Services memorial wall with names of SCV citizens who served the U.S. that have now died and are buried in the cemetery.  As the 5 flags rippled in the brisk wind (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard), I read the names and tried to imagine each one of those people: their laugh, their jobs, their fears, their plans…I was taken aback with how intimate God is with each of us on this planet…if we allow Him to be. 

As I walked around the upper corner of the cemetery, I looked across the entire expanse…there were flags on about 60% of the grave markers.  I flashed back to my recent trip to Arlington cemetery in DC and how silencing it is to see the endless rows and rows of men and women who voluntarily (most of them) laid down their lives to protect my freedom.  Here again, it was silencing to see so many flags, representing so many individuals who gave of their lives.  I thought about how this was one little tiny local cemetery in one little teeny tiny corner of the world.  And, yet, this little scene is all over the world, hundreds of thousands of times over…for whatever country.  I walked around and saw “WWII“, “Korean War“, “Vietnam“, “Purple Heart”, “Bronze Star” and then I came across the headstone of a 19 year old Marine and it said
“Operation Iraqi Freedom. 
You are loved and missed. 

On Thursday my group of 8th graders and I discussed politics.  They were shocked I wouldn’t vote for Hillary.  At one point I said, “I’m pro-war”, meaning that when it’s necessary (and defending your country usually requires it at some point), I’m for it.  A kid then asked me ‘Are you pro-people dying in war?’.  I went into my schpeel about the cost of freedom and consequently the cost of assuming freedom.  I thought about the men in my family who voluntarily serve this country: Navy, Air Force and soon to be Marine.  I wondered if I would ever be standing on their grave as a result of their sacrifice.  Today, as i stood on this 19 yr olds grave and read the worldy truth “Freedom is Not Free” I thought of my little 8th grade student’s naivete and wondered how anyone can truly grasp the depth of sacrifice of laying down one’s life for another… I wondered what Jesus thought as He bought my eternal freedom with His own life.

The worries and wonders with which i entered Eternal Valley seemed a distant remembrance as i stood amidst the remains of many herioc people’s lives…reinforcing the ecclesiastical description of life: it’s a vapor; a fleeting vapor.


SO, I subbed at Placerita Jr High on Thursday & Friday (and will have the same classes on Tuesday).  I’ve subbed for this group all year and they are one of the BEST group of classes ever.  The teacher must be amazing!

ANYwho…they had a test on Friday and I was sure that there would be extra time for those who finished early and down time is not good in jr high.  Therefore, i gave them a post-test assignment: answer three questions
1) if your class period wins the class competition, what would you want as a prize?
2) which hairstyle of mine do you like more and why?
3) what are you doing over Memorial Day weekend?

NOW, in order to enjoy some of the highlight answers, you need this background info…on Thursday I had curled my hair (like farah or mariah) and looked like a real estate agent.  On Friday, I did not curl my hair, I simply blew it dry and it looked akin to a biker’s girlfriend…and I wore jeans & a hoodie. 

From 5 classes, 69 students finished their test with time to spare, so here are some of the highlights from their answers (click on the doc link)  8th-grade-survey-of-hair-etc1 …. they totally believe themselves
THIS is why I love them….SO hilarious!


Sooo, I drove up to Walnut Creek on Thursday night.  The Seelyes are always great to ‘go-home’ to. 
It was BLAZING hot up north, by the way.

Friday:  Worked out at the Seelye’s gym..or shall I say at their 25 star resort/spa gym; then breakfast, then made my way over to the Ramia’s domicile for carpooling to Berkeley.  Finding parking in Berkelely gave my uncle Joe an opportunity to, once again, show his moxy.  The graduation was as expected: hot and long, but we were all exceptionally proud of Michelle.  She’s awesome!  (and during the 4th speaker, I got the call from escrow that one of my transactions closed!…paycheck waiting for me back in SCV).  The party was back at the Ramia’s …there were probably 90-110 people throughout the night.  LOTS of family and friends.  Left with my sister, Bridget, and went to sleep at the Seelye’s (complete with Odin laying on top of me, unaware that he weighs 80lbs and it was 100+ degrees out).

Saturday: A GREAT breakfast made by Christina (she’s awesome!).  Made our way to the Ramia’s and then to the Highland games in Livermore.  THEN, cruised over to see our first great-grandchild on the Driscoll side.  VERY fun!  THen back to the Seelye’s for another fantastic meal by Christina.  Then Michelle came over to hang out…we sat on the back deck and looked out over the view of the world and just chilled.  Ahhhh.

Sunday:  Woke up at 4:30am to take Bridget to the airport. I LOVE early mornings (thanx, mom 🙂 ).  Came back to sleep for a few hours and was awakened by 3 little boy faces, 1 grown up Michelle face and one adorable Odin face.  We had ANOTHER great breakfast from Christina and hung out until Trevor and I got to work on some business items.  I left the Seelye’s around 6pm and made my way to Hanford to chill with the Harveys.  Got there and did all that I could to stay awake (I’m getting old…early mornings and then late nights are not as easy as they used to be). 

Monday: A great ‘day in the life’ at the Harvs…like an infant, I napped in the morning while Kristin folded laundry and attended to the children…I could NOT keep my eyes open…I think the weekend caught up with me.  I was awakaned by Zach putting a decorative pillow over my face.  I waited for a bit and then got up, went swimming with the master and then spent the afternoon with Kristin, doing research.  Then family dinner (awesome burgers!) and then stuff (House, etc.).  I was too tired to drive home (which was the original plan), so I slept there again and then left at 6:15am this morning (Tuesday).

Tuesday:  Got home, returned emails, unpacked, showered and then made my way to our last ICU club meeting of the year (tear).  Alli did an outstanding job all year and we’re really sad to see her go.  We have a ‘War Dance’ party at her house in a couple of weeks..so, it will be nice to see the club members again before summer really starts.  I also rolled about $300 worth of coins from the ‘Change For Change’ drive that we did last week.  Other errands and then grading with Jennene until 10pm-ish.  The whole day I felt like I was fighting jet-lag…just trying to stay awake until ‘bedtime’ (normal people’s bedtime…wait, why am I still awake at 11:46pm?). 



Weeeeell, helloooooo there! 
It seems that a long time has passed since I last wrote. 

Here are the highlights of my time ‘away’
1.  I started subbing for a 7th & 8th grade set of classes (1-2 times a week).  They’re kind of considered ‘bad kids’, but we’ve found our groove (after a big up-front battle).  Today was my last day with them…I’ll be back to host the ‘winners’ party (we had a behavior based class competition).
2.  The Driscoll family welcomed our first great-grandchild into the world!!!
3. I went to Washington for a week to help my mom with a conference that she was running.  My mom is cool and funny and awesome and I was really thankful to get to hang out with her (and her people).  She also had some pretty funny quotables.  Whilst in WA, I also did the following:  hung out with Erin Jacobsen, Jai & Sten A, Dave & Emily V, the Musulmans, Janae L, 24 Hour Fitness & LA Fitness.  In 7 days, I enjoyed Mercer Island, Bellevue, Arlington, Olympia, Seattle, Kent, and Tukwila.
4.  I’ve shown lots of homes, navigated through one client’s loan approval saga (we persevered and he closes escrow this Friday!), put in an offer on a short pay last week, awaiting a few client’s timeframe for their offers. 
5.  Went to several graduation parties and was proud of the graduate’s hard work!
6.  Read these 2 books. Loved both, but REALLY loved Under The Banner of Heaven.  Wow.

In His Own Hand-The Everyday Wisodm of Ronald Reagan  

Under the Banner of Heaven is about religious fanaticism, particulalry in the fundementalist Mormon polygamist camps.  Incredibly FASCINATING and horrifying and humbling. 

7.  Met with a former RA, Courtney, who was in town for graduation..it was a delight and a blessing to share life with her.  Some people are just a breath of fresh air…like water to a weary traveler!
8.  Have been reconnected with lots of people from the past: Thanx, Facebook-you’re sweet.  aaand, I love your flair.

Ok, while there was more, that’s enough for now!  Because I am preparing to go to SF this weekend for my dear cousin, Michelle’s, graduation from UC Berkeley!  We’re SO proud of her!!!!  In addition to celebrating  with her on Friday, our big Irish family will also be attending the Scottish/Irish festival on Saturday in Livermore!  THEN, I will also be visiting the Seelyes and the Harvs!  Another whirlwind!