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The fires starting getting super crazy on Sunday.  I was scheduled to go to SF on Wednesday.  After the 4th fire broke out and it was on my side of town, I wondered if the freeways were going to be shut down and then I wouldn’t be able to get out at all.  Soooo, I modified my plans, packed some clothes and my external hard drive and said goodbye to my roomies and belongings.  I had prepared myself for my house and my things to burn to the ground. 

So, I got on the road around 4pm on Monday 10/22.  I arrived back home one week later on Monday 10/29, around 7:00pm.  Who knew how much one can do in just 171 hours?  A recap:

*MONDAY-evaluated what I should take from my house in case it burned down (opted for my external harddrive); met with clients for some signatures; drove up to Bay Area 2 days early (nervous they might close the 5 due to the fires in SCV) (the drive was GREAT with my new Ipod!!!); landed at the Seelye’s house around 8:30pm; hung out and met Odin (the cutest bull mastiff puppy in the world…pictures to follow)

*TUESDAY-hung out; scanned/emailed docs for work; took Odin to the vet; enjoyed Caspers :); babysat the kids; family dinner; Odin slept with me (and pee’d on my bed)
*WEDNESDAY-errands; Chinese food at a place I haven’t been to since high school; went to the appt with the architect (they’re about to do a major remodel); homeade dinner (Christina is a gourmet gourmet); Bible Study in Concord
*THURSDAY-Walked around the Lafayette resevior-good conversation; lunch at Claim Jumper; errands; scanning project; babysat kids (McDonalds run); special time with Jack/Odin
*FRIDAY-Breakfast at Sunrise Cafe; downtown browsing (Verizon, Ruth Chris [please note the massage advet in the background], Apple); left Seelye’s and met my cousin Michelle at my uncle George’s; hung out there while they got a party ready; special time with Michelle at Buckhorn Grill; special time with family; drove to Hanford at 10:30pm; arrived around 1am

Strolling through Walnut Creek

*SATURDAY-woke up to a sweet little greeting from Zach!; hung out at Harveys; lunch out and errands with Kristin; family night with Nana/Papa Wilder (tri-tip, etc); movies and popcorn/orange juluis drinks
*SUNDAY-church prep; beautiful drive to church through country roads; Sunday School/Church; lunch at Sonic (worker fell on her roller blades-OUCH!); Pumpkin Patch field trip; uniform time at home with movies, pizza, relaxation!
*MONDAY-Hang out time with Zach, Kristin, and Tyler; neighborhood walk; nap times/movie time; field trip to Superior Ice Cream parlor; packed and journied home (special note: people in the Central Valley heed the ‘left lane is a passing lane only’ concept..such a pleasure).

Superior #2

Zach at Superiors

I had 171 hours to enjoy friends and family and to be reminded of all the blessings in my life.  God’s nice to me.  🙂


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  Connie Green wrote @

After my animals were safely out of the house during the fires, my external hard drive was all I needed as well. Great blog, Sam. Stay in touch.

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