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Well, I have a short list of posts I’ve been wanting to write, but just have not had the time.  Today, I have time for one such post and to invite you into a little corner of a world that I infrequently frequent. 

If you watch The Office, you will appreciate this (and Ashley Murray, YOU will really appreciate this).  From time to time, I fill in as a receptionist at a particular office when the usual receptionist is gone….well, I guess she’s actually the office manager, but whatever.  The reason I have the infrequent gig is because a  church friend is the HR person at this office and would rather have a ‘regular’ fill-in rather than a temp.
Fine by me.  There are lots of perks…the church friend is there (and fun to catch up with), I get to hone my alphabetizing and filing skills, I get to answer the phone with fake phone voice, I get to use the intercom system to page workers and hear my voice on a microphone, I get to print things and highlight things, I get to unlock and lock the supply cabinet, I get to put up a little ‘ring bell for assistance’ sign when I leave, etc…however, the BEST part, is that I get to do all this in an environment surrounded by kitty paraphenilia.  YEP, it’s basically like working at Angela’s desk.  I imagine some of the cat’s names to be ‘Sprinkles’.  Last time I worked at this office, even with the immense and challenging work load, I had time to count 19 cats within my line of vision whilst sitting at the desk. 

Please enjoy the views (click on pic to enlarge):

Kitty Corner
Kitty Corner

Kitty Speed Dial
Kitty Speed Dial

Peering Kitty Eraser!
Peering Kitty Eraser
What’s not pictured is the picture on the corkboard of a cat on a rocking chair (presumably in her home) surrounded by LOTS of little stuffed animal cats.  In addition to what you can see, there are usually cat cursors and icon on the desktop, etc.  In some sick part of me, I love it.

PS-I hate cats 🙂



  Chruch Friend wrote @

My sides hurt from laughing, Sam!

  jessi wrote @


Those cats do me a good turn. So does that ‘stache.

  Ashley Murray wrote @

Nice. (Kevin voice)

  John Lockie wrote @



  Mike wrote @

Awesome web site, l love the 4 column theme. (Don’t worry I won’t use it).

Anyway, I found your site via your cat… strange but true. I have recently set up a sister site to http://www.stuffonmydesk.com called http://www.catonmydesk.com and would love it, if you could send in a photo of anything related to “cat on my desk”. I am guessing even your mouse mat will do (LOL!).

Anyway, though, and include a link to your website, that way I can link back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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