Easier than writing lots of individual emails


Wow…it was a crazy week for lots of reasons.  God is good, Amen.

The highlights:
Monday-I worked for Mary Jo, filling in for kitty-corner lady…I actually took some camera phone pics that I would like to share (maybe that will be it’s own post someday)
Tuesday-Cleaned the house a bit, had ICU club mtg, hung out with Cindi and Judah (always refreshing), had a work night with Holly (and received a FANTASTIC gift…THAT will get it’s very own post!)
Wednesday-worked on Real Estate topics (paperwork, research, pre-viewed properties, etc), dinner with a new Worship Team candidate, WT rehearsal, late night conversations
Thursday-Subbed at VHS and had a 9th grade student escorted out by security after her behavior was at the peak of unacceptable (the Asst Principal had me call the parents too…blah blah blah…parents DISCIPLINE your children when they’re young.  If not, you end up with kids like this rights based, blame shifting, anti-authorian fool for a child… I wish some of you could’ve been there…it was like a hidden camera show that went on for about 20 minutes.  I actually wish the parents had been behind a 2-way mirror to see how how their child REALLY acts.
Friday-Finished prep work for a weekend of showing homes to an out-of-town client/s.  Looked at 7 houses Friday afternoon.  Also, received an offer on one of my listings (YAY! PTL!) and presented it to my sellers at night.  Fell into bed around 11pm.
Saturday-Showed houses 9am-12, attempted to go to Vanessa Llanos’ wedding in Burbank (I-5 closed due to tunnel/truck fire), got sick in afternoon, rested and did not go to a dinner party at Robinson Ranch that I had RSVP’d yes to…sad.  It was going to be fun too!
Sunday-Church (AWESOME! cool fellowship, cool ponderings of Christ and heaven!), showed more properties, prepared counter offer, hung out with Holly (laughed a lot),  met with clients at 9:30pm to sign counter, scanned, emailed, computer work, bed..2am?

This week will be a bit slower, but not by much!  I do love my life though…I’d rather die busy than bored! 
At the same time, I don’t want to waste my life. . . Though slow does not always mean ‘wasting’ and  busy does not always mean ‘worthy’.  The proper use of time changes from moment to moment for me! 


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