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I can’t even communicate how close I am to the last straw regarding the assinine nature of some of what’s being legislated in our country these days.  CLICK HERE to see the latest straw thrown on the pile.

Dr Laura has a page called ‘Calls To Action’ (which I think is awesome) and she gives outlets to take action regarding certain topics.  If you think that the decision banning the flag-folding tradition to honor veterans who have fought for our country should be resincded and left up to the individual families to decide, CLICK HERE and send an email to The Honorable Gordon H. Mansfield Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs.



The fires starting getting super crazy on Sunday.  I was scheduled to go to SF on Wednesday.  After the 4th fire broke out and it was on my side of town, I wondered if the freeways were going to be shut down and then I wouldn’t be able to get out at all.  Soooo, I modified my plans, packed some clothes and my external hard drive and said goodbye to my roomies and belongings.  I had prepared myself for my house and my things to burn to the ground. 

So, I got on the road around 4pm on Monday 10/22.  I arrived back home one week later on Monday 10/29, around 7:00pm.  Who knew how much one can do in just 171 hours?  A recap:

*MONDAY-evaluated what I should take from my house in case it burned down (opted for my external harddrive); met with clients for some signatures; drove up to Bay Area 2 days early (nervous they might close the 5 due to the fires in SCV) (the drive was GREAT with my new Ipod!!!); landed at the Seelye’s house around 8:30pm; hung out and met Odin (the cutest bull mastiff puppy in the world…pictures to follow)

*TUESDAY-hung out; scanned/emailed docs for work; took Odin to the vet; enjoyed Caspers :); babysat the kids; family dinner; Odin slept with me (and pee’d on my bed)
*WEDNESDAY-errands; Chinese food at a place I haven’t been to since high school; went to the appt with the architect (they’re about to do a major remodel); homeade dinner (Christina is a gourmet gourmet); Bible Study in Concord
*THURSDAY-Walked around the Lafayette resevior-good conversation; lunch at Claim Jumper; errands; scanning project; babysat kids (McDonalds run); special time with Jack/Odin
*FRIDAY-Breakfast at Sunrise Cafe; downtown browsing (Verizon, Ruth Chris [please note the massage advet in the background], Apple); left Seelye’s and met my cousin Michelle at my uncle George’s; hung out there while they got a party ready; special time with Michelle at Buckhorn Grill; special time with family; drove to Hanford at 10:30pm; arrived around 1am

Strolling through Walnut Creek

*SATURDAY-woke up to a sweet little greeting from Zach!; hung out at Harveys; lunch out and errands with Kristin; family night with Nana/Papa Wilder (tri-tip, etc); movies and popcorn/orange juluis drinks
*SUNDAY-church prep; beautiful drive to church through country roads; Sunday School/Church; lunch at Sonic (worker fell on her roller blades-OUCH!); Pumpkin Patch field trip; uniform time at home with movies, pizza, relaxation!
*MONDAY-Hang out time with Zach, Kristin, and Tyler; neighborhood walk; nap times/movie time; field trip to Superior Ice Cream parlor; packed and journied home (special note: people in the Central Valley heed the ‘left lane is a passing lane only’ concept..such a pleasure).

Superior #2

Zach at Superiors

I had 171 hours to enjoy friends and family and to be reminded of all the blessings in my life.  God’s nice to me.  🙂


I’m not really sure why that saying is relevant, but for those of you who don’t read the paper, listen to the radio, or check on-line for news…where I live (SCV) is engulfed in flames…AGAIN!  The Santa Ana winds have fueled 4 major fires in SCV…as I type this, 10+ homes have been burned to the ground.  These are not rural homes.  Because the winds of over 100 MPH send blazing embers in every direction, there is no way to contain the fires.
All the schools are shut down tomorrow.  The Fire Dept has asked everyone to stay off the roads for all the emergency vehicles.  Over 800+ people have been evacuated and more to come.   There might be really good ministry opportunities to help people in need in SCV.  It’s amazing that God has a plan for all of it! 
Here is the site where I get my updates! 
Here’s a site of a local SCV stranger who is giving updates too


Whoa…watch this before it leaves the web and she has a huge price on her head.  This is a powerful and impressive interview with Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from LA.  It’s remarkable that the Arab TV in Dubai financed this and aired it…be sure to watch it before it goes away….chances are she will soon be in great danger.

As a disclaimer, I do not agree with everything she says and the relativistic approach to matters, but you’ve got to give her 11 points for MOXY!

I also looked up the site http://memritv.org/ ….now THAT’s heavy news.  Who cares what Brittney’s doing?  Let’s talk about Syria and their missles or Iranian aminated films for children featuring suicide bombers. 
God have mercy on us!


Well, I have a short list of posts I’ve been wanting to write, but just have not had the time.  Today, I have time for one such post and to invite you into a little corner of a world that I infrequently frequent. 

If you watch The Office, you will appreciate this (and Ashley Murray, YOU will really appreciate this).  From time to time, I fill in as a receptionist at a particular office when the usual receptionist is gone….well, I guess she’s actually the office manager, but whatever.  The reason I have the infrequent gig is because a  church friend is the HR person at this office and would rather have a ‘regular’ fill-in rather than a temp.
Fine by me.  There are lots of perks…the church friend is there (and fun to catch up with), I get to hone my alphabetizing and filing skills, I get to answer the phone with fake phone voice, I get to use the intercom system to page workers and hear my voice on a microphone, I get to print things and highlight things, I get to unlock and lock the supply cabinet, I get to put up a little ‘ring bell for assistance’ sign when I leave, etc…however, the BEST part, is that I get to do all this in an environment surrounded by kitty paraphenilia.  YEP, it’s basically like working at Angela’s desk.  I imagine some of the cat’s names to be ‘Sprinkles’.  Last time I worked at this office, even with the immense and challenging work load, I had time to count 19 cats within my line of vision whilst sitting at the desk. 

Please enjoy the views (click on pic to enlarge):

Kitty Corner
Kitty Corner

Kitty Speed Dial
Kitty Speed Dial

Peering Kitty Eraser!
Peering Kitty Eraser
What’s not pictured is the picture on the corkboard of a cat on a rocking chair (presumably in her home) surrounded by LOTS of little stuffed animal cats.  In addition to what you can see, there are usually cat cursors and icon on the desktop, etc.  In some sick part of me, I love it.

PS-I hate cats 🙂


Wow…it was a crazy week for lots of reasons.  God is good, Amen.

The highlights:
Monday-I worked for Mary Jo, filling in for kitty-corner lady…I actually took some camera phone pics that I would like to share (maybe that will be it’s own post someday)
Tuesday-Cleaned the house a bit, had ICU club mtg, hung out with Cindi and Judah (always refreshing), had a work night with Holly (and received a FANTASTIC gift…THAT will get it’s very own post!)
Wednesday-worked on Real Estate topics (paperwork, research, pre-viewed properties, etc), dinner with a new Worship Team candidate, WT rehearsal, late night conversations
Thursday-Subbed at VHS and had a 9th grade student escorted out by security after her behavior was at the peak of unacceptable (the Asst Principal had me call the parents too…blah blah blah…parents DISCIPLINE your children when they’re young.  If not, you end up with kids like this rights based, blame shifting, anti-authorian fool for a child… I wish some of you could’ve been there…it was like a hidden camera show that went on for about 20 minutes.  I actually wish the parents had been behind a 2-way mirror to see how how their child REALLY acts.
Friday-Finished prep work for a weekend of showing homes to an out-of-town client/s.  Looked at 7 houses Friday afternoon.  Also, received an offer on one of my listings (YAY! PTL!) and presented it to my sellers at night.  Fell into bed around 11pm.
Saturday-Showed houses 9am-12, attempted to go to Vanessa Llanos’ wedding in Burbank (I-5 closed due to tunnel/truck fire), got sick in afternoon, rested and did not go to a dinner party at Robinson Ranch that I had RSVP’d yes to…sad.  It was going to be fun too!
Sunday-Church (AWESOME! cool fellowship, cool ponderings of Christ and heaven!), showed more properties, prepared counter offer, hung out with Holly (laughed a lot),  met with clients at 9:30pm to sign counter, scanned, emailed, computer work, bed..2am?

This week will be a bit slower, but not by much!  I do love my life though…I’d rather die busy than bored! 
At the same time, I don’t want to waste my life. . . Though slow does not always mean ‘wasting’ and  busy does not always mean ‘worthy’.  The proper use of time changes from moment to moment for me! 


Ok.  Look.  i KNOW that my blogroll is…vast.  I get comments on it all the time.  Comments like:
‘Sam, YOU’RE like the real TMC alumni site’ or ‘It’s crazy how many people are on your blog.”  However, usually the very next line is, ‘But it’s so awesome.  i go to your site when i’m looking for anyone.’  There have even been some posts written by friends on their own blogs about people they’ve met or rekindled with through my blog.  Cool.
Deep down, the blogroll is the technological reflection of one of my hearts’ desires…I like connecting people (intentionally or otherwise).  I like when peeople with needs find people who want to meet needs.  I suppose that’s why real estate is a good business for me…the heart of it is meeting people’s needs by connecting people. 

So, on Monday I got an amazing email from a beloved former RA.  I will include some excerpts,
“I have been meaning to write you for a looong time now…for many reasons, but most recently because of the cool event that came about after your post about the needs at Lambano Sanctuary.  I had visited their website about 6 months ago and cried for about an hour as I read the names of the children who had died while in the care of the people at Lambano.  All that to say, when I read your blog about the current needs of Lambano, Jesse and I decided it was time to do something practical.  We have been reading Future Grace (Piper) with the highschoolers at our church and from that began talking about mercy ministires, life purpose, etc.  So I gave them the website to go to and together we all were really excited to be involved.  

Most of the kids in the youth group are incredibly musically talented, so we decided to have a concert. It was scheduled to be outside…bring a blanket etc. on Sunday the 30th of September.  It rained the entire day, so we quickly changed plans and moved the event inside my parent’s house.  There were not as many atendees as I was expecting, probably due to the rain, but those who came were very generous!  

We had little menus with espresso beverage selections on them, and the highschoolers served drinks, played music, and helped cover the costs so that all of the money raised would go to Lambano to build the hospice.  We had a silent auction, raffle, and general donation table.  The kids put together a power point to help people get a feel for the incredible needs of the children in Africa, printed out stories etc.  All together, people donated $3,335!  Jesse and I are so excited to send that check, Sam! A reason to praise the Lord for the bloggy dog world we live in…:)!

We had a reflection time tonight, during youth group, about what we have been learning, thinking about, and how to make generosity, serving others, caring for those in need a part of everyday life.  It was a good time to hear from them.  All that to say, the last few months have been very encouraging in terms of increased communication.  Sometimes things don’t happen as organically or as fast as you are hoping.  I was reminded of how important it is to be still and meditate and actually reflect on the day, a big event, an argument with Jesse, something enjoyable with Caed, the beauty of God’s creation etc.”How cool is it that individuals are taking the initiative to help other individuals?!?!?!?!  A little background…Beth Mack (former Sweazy RD) helps run Lambono (an orphange for kids dying of AIDS) and posted on HER blog about their needs in South Africa.  Courtney, my former RA, has a huge heart for those in need…during college she traveled to Liberia and saw what life in one of the poorest countries in the world is like..and how children live.  I’m sure that helped reinforce her natural compassion and kindness.  After her time at TMC, she then married another TMC RA/graduate who also has a heart of gold.  They live up in Washington, have a son, Jesse has a job, they are involved in their church.  Regular people…who love the LORD.It’s amazing how God moves in individuals’ lives and then crosses their paths.  I guess the question is…are we open to His preparation of us and His leading of us?  Almost always, His leading involves other people…which is why I’m convinced that networking is so valuable.  here’s to ‘the blog’!