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I love it when people comment.  Maybe that’s because I usually have pretty witty, insightful contibutions from you beloved readers.  The winner comment for August is from ‘Charlie-under the radar-S.’.  His comment on the 3-Day Rule post was genuis.  Thanx for sharing your wit.  It’s ALWAYS appreciated!



In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of emails from friends and family that have HUGE picture/video/file attachments…and it just doesn’t need to be that way.  🙂  Am I the first one to actually post about this? 
#1-I love getting pictures from friends and family.  It’s fun to see everyone grow and living life.
#2-I wish there were cyberlaws about the method of sharing pics/files because my inboxes take a beating.   

-When someone sends attachments without compressing them and they clog my inbox.
-Compress the pictures (they don’t usually need to be over 50kb for just viewing).  It’s easy to do.
-Create PDFs for docs
-Join a service like ShutterFly, Flickr, etc.  where we can just click a link and view all the beloved pics (or as they say in India ‘snaps’)
-Get a blog with wordpress and post your videos

Let me say thank you to those of you who already do the right thing :).  It is noted, duly.
To those of you who don’t…I encourage you to…we will enjoy your pictures/videos/docs more.  🙂
I understand the exceptions, but for the rest…seriously.

Does anyone share my sentiments or am I alone on this? 


CLICK HERE to access Eric’s  public photo album.  Brings back lots of memories.


Oh, I went to down to San Diego on Saturday.  And, then on Sunday we had our outdoor baptism with Church of the Canyons.  There’s alot to be thankful for in life. 
After standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and pondering God’s promise to give as many descendants as there are grains of sand in the sea, one can only marvel at how huge God is….and then to watch a baptism and listen to testimony of salvation in Christ, one can only marvel at how personal God is.
I’m thankful to be saved…not sure why He chose me, but I’m thankful nonetheless.


7th grade science at La Mesa Jr High…all those terrified little 7th graders on their 6th day of Junior High.  Man, I have missed them!

There was definitely some variety to the 6 different periods, but all in all a pretty predicatable crowd.  Of course we had some class discussion and here are some highlights:
Q-Who is totally freaked out about being in junior high?
A-Usually 2 or 3 kids would raise their hands.  I commended them for being truthful and accused the majority of the rest of the class of being untruthful…about 60% percent of the rest of the hands would go up.  🙂

Q-What has been better than you thought, now that you’re here?
A-The food.  There aren’t any bullies.  I haven’t been jumped by the 8th graders.  The classes seem shorter.  The homework isn’t hard. 

Q-What has been worse than you expected?
A-Having to wear sleeves (especially when it’s hot).  The lunch line is so long.  The 8th graders call us scrubs and won’t let us in the quad area. Overwhelmed by all the classes and the different teacher’s requirements.  Too many people on campus-can’t find their friends.

Their priorities are ridiculous, but that’s an American 7th grader for you. 
Here’s the cool and ironic moment…one of my students has been in the States for 2 years and is originally from Uganda!  🙂  That accent is unmistakable!  I asked him to come in at lunch (if he wasn’t busy) so that I could talk to him and ask questions etc.  He came in happily and I spent lunch listening to his story and how his mom has been here 7 years earning money to send back to Uganda to put them through school etc.  His perspective on the 7th grade experience and life in America was vastly different from the other kids.  He was so sweet and kind and aware.
I ended up giving him a copy of Invisible Children to give to his mom…he said that she’s always looking for ways to support Uganda.  I’m hoping to build a relationship with this family and invite them to ICU stuff and to COC stuff.  There’s more, but I need to get going. 

You never know what you’ll encounter when you go to school!  🙂


I subscribe to a newsletter called The Dollar Stretcher and every time I read them (they are packed with people’s discoveries and articles in saving money & time.) I learn something useful or clever.  As always, you have to filter it, but in general, I find them quite helpful.  Below is an excerpt from a contributor that I just thought was mostly wise… THE 3 DAY RULE
“By this, I mean if something devastating happens or I get bad news, I know in three days that I will have come to terms with the problematic situation.

If I have a negative encounter with someone, I wait three days before responding. By then, I have a cooler head and am more rational in my response.

Also, whenever I am considering a major purchase, I make my decision and then wait three days before actually buying.

Sometimes in that three-day time frame, a better deal will surface or I will reach a decision that I really didn’t want or need what I was going to buy.”


CLICK HERE for a really cool resource!  Thanx Josh