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There are only 2.5 more days that the Harveys will be here and then they drive away in their big rented Penkse truck.  Boo.  Boo Radley. 

I know God is good and the next phase will be good too.  It’s just that I’ve really loved living with the Harveys.  I will miss so many things (mostly familial spice type things).  Certainly I will miss the candid nature that we all share.  I will miss the way Kristin and I communicate so efficiently and effectively!  I will miss laughing hysterically (and watching Kristin laugh hysterically-which is usually way more fun) or trying to make each other laugh.  I will miss Ken’s very stealthy one-liners (2).  I will miss Zach, without saying.  I will really miss Zach.  And though Tyler has only been alive out of the womb for 2 weeks, I will surely miss his cute little constitution.  I will miss the good advice, the honest advice that usually starts with ‘Nooow, I was noticing that…’.  I will miss the rolodex nature of Kristin’s brain and how she keeps me up on global/domestic current events, alumni info, predicted weather, family tree info, that person from college who you can never remember their name info, the names of actors/movies/songs/etc. I will miss all things ‘Fly-Lady’ (and Kristin and I are always challenging the other to get rid of more…Kristin is the champion), I will miss midnight donut runs, I will miss the unlit candlesticks on the hearth, I will miss Kristin mocking my phone voice, I will miss Zach’s little sayings and doings (greetings, virtual high-fives, sorry-Sams, come-ons, blowing kisses, laughing hysterically at being scared, pure joy when Bob Barker shows up on ‘Come-on-down’, when he covers his eyes during Nemo, when he pretends you’re not talking to him until it’s time for a ‘reminder’, how he ripped Chewy off from me, how he kisses me goodbye).  I will miss Kristin’s love for Liberia.

I could go on, but the point is that I’m sad for this era to end.  I am excited for them and for the cool life they will lead in Hanford near friends’/family and a in slower pace of life.  I’m excited for the new church they will go to and who they will befriend and serve God with.  I’m excited to stop by and visit everytime I go home (since they’re on the way to NorCal). 

God’s good, but I’m sad.  However, I’m thankful to be sad…I think it shows the value of a relationship when it pains you to give it up.  So, I’m thankfully very sad.  
And, I’m really thankful for email and blogs…to stay in touch. 



This article about my uncle George ran yesterday in the Contra Costa Times.  Most of it is new to me too. Once again, I am thankful to him, his wife, his kids…they sacrificed him for a year in order to do some serious business in Iraq.  Please read the article below.  Though I have many comments, I’ll keep them to myself because the article is long…might take 5 minutes to read…but he was over there for a year, so could you spare the time? 🙂
There were pictures, but I can’t get them in this post.
Oh, and he’ll be awarded that Bronze Star in DC this Wednesday for his work in Iraq.

 ARTICLE: Reservist led Iraq interrogations
•WALNUT CREEK: Navy commander back from Iraq earns Bronze Star for implementing U.S. policy
Article Launched: 06/24/2007 03:03:47 AM PDT

North of Baghdad, in a warehouse converted into a detention center, George Driscoll stood in front of a man he considered a terrorist.  “What are you thinking right now?” Driscoll, a U.S. Navy reserve commander, asked the man through an interpreter.

“I’m wondering how I can get that pen out of your hand and drive it into your eye,” the man replied. Read the rest of this entry »


I was researching permits today to see if I needed any for the home improvements we’re going to be doing in the next few weeks.  I found SCV’s Schedule/Fees for permits and was reminded about the cost of new construction.  I wrote a post on my Real Estate blog about it because some people thinks it’s cheaper to build their own house.  It can be.  Or it can be a big drag.   Click here


If you knew me 4 years ago, you’ll remember that I was one who thought that my cell phone was too technology advanced.  Times have changed, my friend.  I credit the LORD.  And He has used great friends who have been instrumental in their tutorials and patience.  In general, I thank Adam Powell for 3 years of serious behind the scenes on almost everything tecnologically oriented in my life.  I also must thank Holly for her continued effort to expose me to good things in the tech world.  Here’s how it usually goes: she learns something new and cool-against her encouragement I hold out for months to years as I just watch her and eventually I agree that I should ‘maybe’ learn the new thing, I learn it and…next thing I know, my life is forever changed… the latest by product of this cycle is iTunes. 

With the impetus of getting IPOD $ for my b-day, I started sincerely making inquiries about iTunes.  This last Sunday Holly gave me a tutorial and I started ripping CDs on Tuesday.  As of this moment, I have 2,123 songs ripped (rip ’em good) with a whole section still yet to go.  OK, hear me clearly…I can NOT believe how awesome iTUNES is.  Seriously.  Seriously.  I regret how much time I let go by without ripping, organizing and actually using my music.  AND, I am quickly becoming an Apple fan.  I’m not a complete convert yet, but one of my new roommates (moving in in 2 weeks) just got a Mac and I am excited to learn from her. 

So, God’s speed to all of you who have been hiding this little light under a bushel.  My life is forever changed because 2 of you chucked it aside and cast out the darkness in my technological life!


As incredibly sad as I am that the Harveys are leaving next weekend, I am very excited (and terrified) to get the next phase of life started.  The ‘next phase’ consists of:  the week after the Harvs move out, a crew will come in and do some major home improvements (whole house fan, scrape ceilings, install new windows, bathroom tub/shower caulking, etc).   THEN, my 2 new roommates will move in the following weekend and I’ll begin a new domestic chapter of life…it’s like those reality shows where they have less than one week to tear the house down and rebuild it.  🙂 I don’t have much margin for error (time or $).  🙂

My point…I searched high and low for the best guy for the best price.  Upon high recommendation from Sonja and personal experience on a client’s house, I am pleased and excited to say that I can’t wait for Jeff Wilson of ‘Made in the Shade’ construction (lic #763311) to bring in his crew!  I laboriously got 3 different bids and he was the best price for the best work.   He’s slammed with business and was barely able to fit my job inbetween some other hefty ones.  Look for the ‘tell-all-follow-up’ post in 3 weeks. 

I’m just thankful that the LORD allowed our paths to cross.  I am hoping that I will be a good testimony and that this is the beginning of a great working relationship that involves the gospel (AND, a whole house fan etc.).  I’m going to start by stocking the fridge with flats of cold waters and sodas for the crew…


Zach Harvey is still adjusting to his new brother.  If I could read his mind when someone says, “Zach, do you want to give the baby a kiss?’  I bet he’s thinking, ‘What Baby?’.  His response is usually, ‘No’ and then he runs away.

I feel for the little guy who has had the family’s full attention until now.  He’s handling the stress as any 2 year old might…with complete denial.  🙂  I must admit, it’s pretty funny.  It’s like Dwight on the Office ‘Shun.  Un-Shun.  Re-Shun’. 
I can’t wait for when he and Tyler are 20 and 22 and I get to tell them stories of their youthful ways. 
I hope they think it’s as funny as we do. 


5pm-Dialated to about 4ish
7pm-pushed for about 10 minutes (no meds, no epideral, nothing..and his head and chest were the same size…ouch)
7:10ish-Tyler was born!!!  Praise The LORD!
TylerKristin is a baby birthing warrior-doing great!  Tyler is over 8lbs and is seriously adorable (the cell phone pic doesn’t do him justice! 
Ken on the other hand, has re-injured his back in labor/delivery and now can’t walk and is relegated to staying flat on his back.  I learned the extent of his injury this morning when I heard someone yelling my name and went into Ken’s room to learn he’d been calling for me for about 30 minutes…cuz he can’t move.  Needless to say, we are all figuring out how to help each other, get Zach dressed/fed, get to the hospital etc. (Nana is a huge player…injured hip and all). 

oh, and last night at the hospital, Zach refused to ackowledge Tyler’s existence except when Zach got to use the motion censored towel dispenser to get Tyler tissue to ‘blow his nose’.  He’s sweet….and ignoring the source of the soon-to be- massive change in his life!  🙂

If you think of it, feel free to pray for our household:  new baby, everyone injured, needing to pack, needing to move, needing to care for 2 children, needing much grace!!!! 🙂

Here’s a pic of Zach upon birth 2+ years ago!