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UPDATES 4/30/07

1) Displace Me was outstanding…click here for a quick preview!  We had over 20 students in our group there, a couple parents, and we rallyed with almost 10,000 other people for the internally displaced men, women and children of Uganda.  Our debrief with the ICU CORE was amazing!  They were so impacted!  More on that later!
p1000902.jpg2) Real Estate is one of the ways that enables me to be involved in ministry that I care about.  My roommate Zach is supportive and would like to draw your attention to my custom plates (note his fingers)…do you know what the plates mean?  
3) In the ‘LORD provides’ category, today, I redeemed the ‘Free lunch’ that I won in the fish bowl drawing from Chipotle. They allow the winner to invite 9 associates…so, Kristin, Zach, Esther, Siona, Jeff, Nadine, Sarah Jane, Jacob, Holly, Jennene, and Mike all enjoyed lunch on the Chipotle house!  Thanx!
4) Jennene and I are in the midst of doing the ICU CORE members quarterly leadership evaluations.  Some are harder than others.  We have some great students that are willing to look at themselves honestly and hear our positive and negative feedback.  It’s just another opportunity that the LORD is giving us to try and be involved in their lives and we’re grateful!  Feel free to pray for us-that we follow the leading of the Spirit and that we fear Him as we seek to be good stewards of these precious lives!
5) I learned that my cousin Pete Huttlinger was invited back to Carnegie to do a SOLO show in the main hall…so, looks like January ’08 will be in wintery New York!!!
6) The Harveys have a few houses they like in Hanford…looks like they really intend on moving…I don’t like it, but am excited for them and for what the LORD has in store for them!
7) I rented The Last King of Scotland…wow!  In addition to the movie being outstanding, I also found the special features to be incredibly educational about Amin.  It was very interesting to see how Amin is still impacting (positively and negatively) the people of Uganda today…the older remember and shudder (it was only in the late 70’s that his reign of terror ended) while the younger generation who didn’t live directly under his brutal regime, view him as a hero.  One of our old family friends was on Amin’s staff and ending up fleeing for his life and the life of his family-this movie just gave me a little bit more insight into their lives and into why Uganda is where it is today, how Amin’s politics shaped the world’s view of African leaders, and more.  In fact, I somewhat see Amin as a Herodesque dictator:  paranoid, maniacal, charming, powerful, deluded, wealthy, detached from his people, etc.  While there are a few moments that I would look away, it’s a film I’m glad I saw (and actually am going to watch again tonight before I have to return it…I think I dozed in a scene or 2 last night…Displace Me took it’s toll 🙂 ). 



Are you or anyone you know going to Uganda between now and August…particularly to SOS (Shannon Hurley’s ministry)?  
Our ICU club wants to send supplies to the orphans before we break for summer and thought we could send more quantity via a human rather than the incredibly expensive postal service.  Any leads?  Please comment…it’s for the kids!


samsignature.jpgI was pondering the concept of blogging the other day (hence my address including ‘musings’) and I thought about all the things that I don’t share publically on this blog on the world wide web.  I wanted to highlight something…just because I don’t reference something specific does not mean it’s not happening…

For example, I work for a living and I just want to remind everyone that I am a Real Estate Agent in the Santa Clarita Valley and if you or anyone you know is in need of someone to guide them through the deep waters of real estate, please feel free to call or write. .. When You’re Ready! 

www.SamNeylan.com Do free property searches, read testimonials, etc
www.WhenYoureReady.wordpress.com Real Estate blog


So, my uncle George will be returning from Iraq in the next few weeks.  If there’s a war, trust me, you want Commander George leading your team.  Evidenced by the following…I heard through the family grapevine that upon his return, he will be awarded a Bronze Star Medal for valor described by Wikepedia as…

bronze-star-of-valor.jpgThe Bronze Star for Valor Medal is a United States Armed Forces individual military decoration which may be awarded for bravery, acts of merit, or meritorious service. When awarded for bravery, it is the fourth-highest combat award of the U.S. Armed Forces and the 9th highest military award (including both combat and non combat awards) in the order of precedence of U.S. military decorations. 

You can imagine my routine outrage when Bush is opposed by fellow leaders about the war, when the troops are minimized, etc… How about we just say ‘Thank you’ instead?

All that to say, I think you have to do more than routine drills to earn this award.  So, to George and all the men and women who really are giving their lives for our freedom, I say a sincere and indebted ‘thank you’!  General George Patton said, “Freedom has a taste, and for those that have fought for it, the taste is so sweet, the protected will never know.”



My friend Nate Murray is so funny.  He and his wife Ashley have those understated types of humor that I love so much.  Please CLICK HERE to partake in Nate’s incoherent antics whilst under ‘wisdom teeth pulling’ medication.  Technology has brought me so much joy today!


As many of you know, I LOVE my current living arrangements.  I live with 2 friends from college (who are now married to each other, Ken & Kristin) and who have a hilarious 2 year old son and another one the way.  This June it will be 3 years that we’ve lived together in laughter, honesty, sharpening, etc.  When I Read the rest of this entry »


Hi friends…Jennene and I are, once again, joining the massive effort that Invisible Children is doing to raise awareness and end a war in Uganda.  We will be taking at least 22 Valencia High Schoolers to the ‘DISPLACE ME’ event on April 28-29, 2007.  Are any of you interested and available to join us? CLICK HERE for the post on our club blog. 

Last year at the Global Night Commute, we got all night to hang out, talk, share the gospel and build our relationships with our club members.  Want to join us?  We could really really use your help, your compassion, your evangelism, and your example!  So far we have me, Jennene, and Siona.  Who else is in?