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Walnut Creek

I’m in Walnut Creek right now…my home town in the SF East Bay.  I have laughed A LOT in the last 48 hours.  I’m with my friends Trevor & Christina and they are moving again…I’m here helping, laughing, wishin and prayin’.  They just got their beautiful home remodeled to how they wanted it and then went out and bought another fixer with a view of the world.  Seriously, you can see a span of about 60 miles from the deck. 
ANYwho…I won’t bore you with the details, but rest assured my back is broken from packing and my obliques radiating from all the laughing.



Sponsoring a Ugandan child through SOS is pretty cool because I get letters like the one I’m about to share!  The girl I sponsor is ‘Rose’ and she’s about 6 or 7 years old.  I’ve sent her stuff and she’s written me a few times…she doesn’t speak English hardly at all, but they say she is beginning to recognize my handwriting and light up when she’s sees a package or a letter from ‘Sam’. 

Here is the most recent letter/Aerogramme I got from her (today)…there are about 4 different, unrelated colored drawings on the page too…Please enjoy the letter as much as I did!
dear Sam
hellomy sponsor
Howyou these days Ihape there
ya are sine in AMARICAHere
ugu sent sor Me
our Vord JesusChrist
Iloveyou Somuch weareresoo
goins bad chsahooLawdJamJsinis
our pabby pex Eold us good th ings
that yada


On Sunday, we had 3 ICU members come to church. 
1 came to Church of the Canyons for 1st service and she really liked it. 
Then Jennene and I rushed over to Copperhill for their 2nd srvice and met 2 others (who live down the street from CCC).  They really liked it.  So, hopefully, the LORD will continue drawing these students to the local body and hopefully the local body will enfold them and show them Christ!  SOO EXCITING!


Don’t you hate about 97% of the forwards with which people clog your in-box?  Fortunately, I have great friends and family that screen and choose wisely.  However, I still employ the trusty site of TRUTHorFICTION.com .  So I recently rec’d a forward, began my usual screening procedure: did a quick visual scan, clicked over and checked TorF.com, found it to be true, went back and read the very very sad new epidemic that’s happening to our young kids in the world.  Since I work with jr high and highschoolers and can picture faces of students, it makes me even more sad. (I also checked the Drug Admin site and read up on their info…so so sad…)

Here’s what I received…
First, I’m going to tell you a little about me and my family.  My name is Jeff. I am a Police Officer for a Read the rest of this entry »


Setting:  La Mesa Public Jr High, 7th Grade Science, the entire class is supposed to be writing down the agenda from the board.  I look over and Kyle (a charming bully, who uses a confused look to attempt to disarm teachers), who is sitting 3 inches away from Lizzie, is copying Lizzie’s history vocabulary homework…word for word.

Me:  “Hand me both papers please.” (saying nothing more, I walk away and put the papers in a stack on my desk)
-Kyle is staring at me for about 2 minutes (an intimidation tactic on the 7th grader’s part).  I act like I Read the rest of this entry »


Please enjoy a video that NEVER gets old!


would have a site like this!  🙂
Note the header graphics.
AND, please welcome their 3rd child, Randall, into this crazy world!
On a very personal note-I am jealous of their 3 kids.  I would do most anything to be an EWZ kid.