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Another fine friend has joined the world of Bloggerdom.  Everyone, please give a hearty wordpress welcome (HWPW) to … Siona Savini! 
Ona, dude, I’m soooo stoked you’re on our team now! 
I expect fine things from your brain and tap tap tapping fingers!



I actually really like getting people’s Christmas letters/pictures.  I really do read them.  Every last word.  I like the updates.  I like the connecting (for some of us, once a year).  I like the idea that staying in touch can be so simple.  Thank you for taking the time to write them, address them, and mail them. Sincerely. HOWEVER……there are a few things I wish were required in order for people to have authorization to mail out communique en mass.  So, tonight, as I was re-going through all the cards in order to upate any new addresses, I had a few ‘i should blog about that’ moments about Christmas letters…

1)  If a picture is going to be attached, please be sure that ALL family members are in said picture…not just the children or the dogs.  As much as each person digs their own kids, the rest of us want to see the context in which the precious little lamb exists.  Seriously.  It’s likely we originally knew the parents, not the kids and so we are usually far more interested in the progress of our long lost friends (and we care about your kids too).  If you want to run with the big dogs, note the Braden’s Christmas letter.  I like

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Well, I’m back!  Visiting up in SF for Christmas was FAN-tastic!  It was fantastic for maybe unconventional reasons and that’s due mostly to the fact that my family is exceptional in so very many many hilarious ways.  As a foundational aside, some of you know that at any given moment I am seeing life on a split screen: one screen is reality of what is currently happening in front of my eyes, the other screen is that same reality scene…only difference is that the scene is IN an SNL skit.  So, when you have 4 Driscoll family days with tons of people, tons of food, tons of alcohol, tons of ‘Office-like’ characters, tons of religious angles, tons of stories, tons of history, tons of tons of tons…one can ONLY imagine the hilarity of THAT SNL sketch!  It’s just another day in the life of ‘going home for Christmas’  !!!! 

I will have to give details later cuz at the moment I must show houses, as I have many burgeoning home buyers chomping at the bit to look at homes and buy them (YAY!)…tis the season when the ‘transition year’ for real estate fades and now we’re back in business…JUST as some of us predicted!

Stay tuned!


It’s been a busy time…highlights
Dec 17th:  am Church Christmas Services; pm sang at prison for 3 services…lots of observations about life, God, grace, freedom, redemption, forgiveness, and more…
-Dec 18th: got paid, ran zillions of errands (bank deposit :)), sang for Jennene’s classes, showed properties to clients, started watching the movie Sybil
-Dec 19th: more errands, finally got my hair done (it’s very different than usual), ran more errands, looked at a house, finished Sybil, hung out with the Kellers (dinner, movie, tea…great fun! I miss them!)
-Dec 20th: probably leaving LA to drive up to the SF bay area…not sure yet

If I don’t find my way to a computer over the Christmas weekend, please have a very very Merry one and I hope that the birth of Christ is central to you, not only at this time of year, but rather all year long.  The birth of Christ is essential to the true Christian’s hope and earthly purpose.  His death on the cross for our  sins and His resurrection from the grave were only possible through His life through birth.  So, please, in this time of great distraction, reflect and rejoice that Emmanuel has come!


Have you seen the movie CRASH?  There was a lot to it, but one of the moments I remember was when the narrator was talking about how we’re so autonomous in LA, all in our own little cars, that sometimes we crash into each other just to touch someone else. Hmmm.

Well, today was a very full day.  We helped someone clean their garage and then had an evening Christmas party at my house.  During the garage purging, I had to go meet a client to give her the keys to her new home that closed escrow around 10am.  It has been a very difficult escrow on many levels and I just wanted to get to my client and get back as fast as possible.  In an effort to serve my client, I was rude Read the rest of this entry »


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Zach HarveyLast night as I was leaving the house my purse was  full and Zach’s hands were dirty.  So instead of me leaning down to give him a kiss goodbye and having all my purse contents spill aross the floor and instead of Zach giving me a dirty high-five, I opted for the ‘Virtual High-Five’ (VHF, as we say in the industry).  After 1 VHF attempt, some wry smiles and 2 or 3 perfectly executed VHFs, Zach he was an old pro. 
I think he should get corporate sponsors. 

Seriously.  VHFs and the like…THAT’s why you have kids! (or why your dear friends have kids)