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I read a post yesterday that is worth it (maybe you did to)…once you click to it, choose the SERIOUS topic about Christians and Restaurants, read it, and then reflect.  The part most insidious to me is keeping the Bible on the table in view of the server and yet continuing with the shameful behavior.  Yuck.  And yet, this is how hypocritical my sin must look in God’s eyes.  Boo.  Boo Radley.



She’s now spoken for!!!  Call Kathy or email her to say Congrats! 
I’m soo excited for her! 


We all have ‘a thing’.  Some of us have many ‘things’.  One of my ‘things’ is Heaven and finding great hope, comfort, and anticipation in it.  It’s been a thing, in a weird way, since even before I was a believer…so, for at least 13 years.  When I’m dead, I surely hope that everyone will know that I had finally reached my long awaited hope and that my phrase, ‘I’m still going to Heaven’ will joyfully ring in their ears. 

How does Todd Bolen  fit into this post, you may ask?  Well, Todd Bolen is one of my heroes.  I love the way he thinks, the way he evaluates, his style, his commitment, Bookman was/is his mentor…just lots of things.  When I was in Israel in 98 (already with a deep love and appreciation for Heaven), Todd preached a sermon on Heaven that I have never forgotten.  It was so rich and there were things about Heaven I had never known until that night in the Miklat.  It blew my mind and simply compounded my love and hope for Heaven.  In fact, I asked him for his notes and carefully read them and then filed them.  Last year, I pulled them out, stuck them in my Bible and read them here and there.  Today, however, I decided to really dive in again and use his notes as a study guide.  Today was ‘What will Heaven look like?’. MAN, I am so thankful for Todd Bolen (well, thankful for God more, but you know).  There are few people that deal with the topic fairly, Biblically, supernaturally, Biblically, powerfully, Biblically,  and hopefully.  Todd’s one of them.

I know he’s busy.  I know he’s busy ratifying the way people see and undertand God, Israel, the Jews, etc.  But I think it would be worth it if we let him know that one of the many books that he should write should be one about Heaven.  It would be like Bookman writing about the Life of Christ or Betty Price writing about Women’s Ministry.  There are certain topics that should only be handled by certain people…Todd, you’re it, sir.


Last night Kristin, Holly and I went out to eat and then on a bit of a whim, went to see a movie.  Since my last movie review of Little Miss Sunshine seemed to be heeded by many of you, I feel a deep and honest obligation to tell you that the promising RoyalTennanbaums-esque Running With Scissors ….well, let’s just say that it would be better to ACTUALLY run with scissors than watch this movie.

I’ve only walked out of 2 movies in my life:  Anger Management when the two girls started making out in a group therapy scene and last night in Running With Scissors during a sibling fight wherein he was trying to justify his homosexual relationship with a minor (and the minor happened to be the main character of the movie, so guess how often the Read the rest of this entry »


Are you aware that Ryan Kendrick is currently in Uganda?  He’s posting from the rising city.  CLICK HERE to read about it.  Who knew?