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If I had a personal assistant this blog would be updated far more. Since I don’t, here’s a sloppy montage of the last 2 week’s highlights (give or take), once again, verifying that I really do have a great life, full of diversity and exposure.

OK,  high lights…

Last week was insane…in the midst of real estate activities there was also lots of subbing (a Monday gig at WestRanch HS for Josh Stimac, a 3 day gig at La Mesa Jr High with a team of disorderly and misguided 8th graders wherein we spent 3 days working on manners: eye contact, firm handshakes, greetings, speaking with permission rather than blurting, the basics…in Algebra), and 2 days of after school teaching SAT Prep to my sweet little 8th graders (who seem to have trouble doing their homework…which is why 90% of them wildly fail their tests each class, thus earning themselves a stern ‘talking to’ on Wednesday with hopes of improved test scores on Thursday).

1) After a long week of subbing (and standing) and all the other regular weekly activities, Friday night (11/17), Holly & I ushered Nickel & Dimed, a Black Box event at the Performing Arts Center. Since Holly already blogged about it (and you can read it by clicking here), I will just say that I think ushering the Black Box meets our ushering purposes far better than the large theatre (evangelism, networking, exposure to ‘art’ aka ‘agendas’, etc). It’s smaller and only requires 4 ushers (rather than the 23 required for the PAC), therefore we have more face time with the other ushers, the house manager (Boss Lady) and tech staff. I think we should start signing up for more in the black box. Oh, and about Nickel & Dimed, good concept (based on a real story), but when the raging liberal agenda kicked in in the last 20 minutes it was all I could do to control myself. I am offended by the notion that those who make some good choices, work hard, put themselves through school, take advantage of their resources, etc, are somehow to blame for the MallMart plight of those who don’t. I’m not talking about not caring for those who can’t care for themselves (orphans and the like), but I am talking about the people who ‘can, but don’t’ and about the people who think that everyone else ‘who does’ should carry those who ‘can, but don’t’ because their lifestyles aren’t equal. It’s ironic that the lesson plan in Josh Stimac’s class on Monday was on Socialism.

2) Shifting gears to the rich heritage of fighters and warriors (who probably wouldn’t have worked at MallMart), on Saturday, Jennene and Holly and I traveled to Irvine to attend the 1st Annual Orange County Celtic Festival. It was fantastic! Simply fantastic. In addition to the dancing, the food, the ‘clans’, the celtic wares, and the huge Scot athletes, the fairgrounds contained 4 different stages, featuring different music groups all day long. My favorites were the wildly talented Silent Planet (from Palmdale) and the Wicked Tinkers from LA . Ok, so let me break this down…I like large men, I like kilts, I like celtic instruments, I like large trees and metal objects thrown across fields, I like burly calves aaaand I like packs of sheep herded by eager collies. Soooo, the best place to get all of that…the Celtic Festival, of course. I am a sucker for a burly calved man in a kilt blowing away on a bagpipe or hurling a sanded telephone pole with his long tresses flailing in the wind, all set to the backdrop of the live Braveheart esque soundtrack! Seriously, it was a great way to transcend the shenanigans of the Hart District students and the liberal agenda of our local junior college and to simply embrace and enjoy the rich color and heart of some of my noble roots. In March and/or June, we’re going to the Irish Festival/s…my REAL roots…Game ON! Want to join us?

3) With such a full Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, the idea of Sunday lunch at Vasquez Rocks with a group of people wasn’t at the top of my list. However, it was Jeff Lewis’s birthday AND the end of our ‘summer’, so both were commemerated with said outing without much incident (well, I left early, so maybe there were incidents upon my departure…I’ll never know).

4) On Monday & Tuesday (11/20 & 11/21), I found myself, once again, assisting the HART district by subbing for Jennene at Valencia HS…who was at a conference with Eric (for his school…ahhh, both teachers now…how sweet). Jennene, however, has a student teacher (TMC grad) who is supposed to run the class on her own with no help from me. Pssst, reader, being able to both teach AND manage the classroom is a rehearsed skill and a tough execution, to say the least. Watching someone in the deep end and not being allowed to throw a life line was a HUGE exercise in self control on my part! But, I fought the temptation and did as I was told-nothing. Of course, I brought my own work. MONDAY I did 50 million real estate emails, as I have an escrow closing next week, and I wrote personal notes to the next 200 holiday calendar mailer recipients (if you haven’t gotten one yet, it’s probably cuz I don’t have your address…email it to me and I’ll see what i can do :)). TUESDAY I read a fantastic real estate publication on technology and my field and was totally inspired to improve in a few technological areas of my business. Truthfully, I was a bit stir crazy by 5th period, but then ICU met for our weekly meeting and to watch this crew in action warmed my heart! check out our blog and/or MySpace! We have our first major awareness/fundraiser events next week.

5) Wednesday, well, I found myself with 7th graders studying forensics at La Mesa. Man, I LOVE junior highers! It was a minimum day and all in all, pretty great. I only assigned my ‘discipline paragraph’ a few times per class (5 classes total) and our discussions were pretty fruitful. After the 7th graders, I met my senior client for a final walk thru of the property that she’s to take title on next week. After signing more paperwork, dropping it off at the office and going grocery shopping, I enjoyed a few hours of work at home and then headed off to Jennene and Eric and Holly’s for a little ‘family time’ before we all dispersed to our respective Thanksgiving Day destinations.

Thanks. Hmmm. There is so much for which to be thankful. As this is my 5th year tradition of spending T-Day alone for a time of recuperation and reflection, I sit here deeply thankful for the life that God has given me. Just looking at the last week or so reminds me of how much opportunity there is to be a light in my own little world and to exalt the name of Christ wherever I am…which is many places! I think I’m pretty lame at it, but it’s certainly not for a lack of opportunity. God is kind to keep giving me chances!

Happy Thansgiving…not just for the US soils charted 200+ years ago, but for everything all the time: salvation, the body of Christ, the Bible, opportunity, character, hope, trials, eternity, purpose, love, books, failure, family, forgiveness, childhood, mentors, laughter, truth, jobs, perspective, wonder, goals, the unknown, education, life skills, people, trustworthy car mechanics, likemindedness, clues, high ropes courses, music, smiling eyes, tradition, new traditions, provision, visionaries, courage…so much, all the time. So much.



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Happy thanksgiving!

  Celtic Festival « Ruminations & Speculations wrote @

[…] About a hundred years ago I meant to post about the Celtic Festival that Sam, Jennene, and I went to down at the Irvine Fairgrounds.  Or maybe it was more like a couple weeks.  Whatever the case, we went to a sweet festival and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, while expanding our horizons and further exploring our heritages.  Those other 2 are Irish (with some other stuff mixed in), and I am Scottish (with some other stuff mixed in).  And anyway, according to my genuine, 100% Scottish pal, Lynnie, we’re all from the same place anyway.  And probably most of the history books state that too.  (Cut me some slack.  I’m the person who thinks George Robertson was the first president, and that the Thanksgiving holiday is based on fictional events, and I wouldn’t go see Pearl Harbor because I hadn’t seen the preview to know what it was about.)  When I say the same place, I don’t mean the Adam and Eve or Noah and Mrs. Noah or the womb.  I mean the old Scotch-Irish friends.  And family, I guess. […]

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