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Well, I recognize that I’ve not written a post for a bit.  I’ve thought of them in my head, but my schedule simply has not allowed any cyber-share.  Starting last Sunday, life has just not stopped…

1) 9/11.  If you know me, you know I’m a fanatic about 9/11.  I was glued to the TV 24 hrs a day 5 years ago…I cried for a week straight.  For some reason I was incredibly senstive to the immense grief that the victims, families, New Yorkers, Pentagon workers, citizens in Shanksville….everyone around the world must have been feeling.  ‘Celebrating’ the 5th anniversary still blows my mind that America was actually attacked … an act of war on US soil.  That was the first time in my lifetime.  As I again cried through all the footage, interviews, documentaries, etc. I was stunned that some people in our country care more about the treatment of captured terrorists than supporting the people (leadership, military) who are selflessly protecting their own families. Watching a show that had ‘unplugged’ style interviews with Rumsfeld, Powell, Bush, Rice, Cheney…the big guys, about how their day unfolded on 9/11, I am again humbled that the concerns they have on an average day and on a day attacked by terrorists are far more vast and overwhelming than I can ever imagine.  What their first responses had to be vs. mine…vs. most of the watching world…Condi said that after the 2nd plane hit that she had to immediately call the Russians and let them know that we would mobilize our troops and that our troop’s movement was not a sign of attack on the Russians…to protect ourselves she had to call other world leaders to say ‘We’re firing up our weapons-they’re not directed at you, so please don’t attack’…she had to finness international and military relationships during intense national crisis, I just sat in my living room and prayed and cried and wondered how God would prevail…we have a lot of luxuries as U.S. citizens.  Ok, I really have 2 million thoughts, hopes, dreams, gratitudes etc about 9/11, but I will move on.  Oh, we saw the Stone movie ‘World Trade Center’…certainly outstanding and humbling.

2) Habberstads.  I just finished another 3 day ‘kid-sitting’ gig with them.  As usual, they were great.  I like all 3 of them a lot and they all bring me joy on different levels, but each time it seems that I connect more with one than the other…and it’s constantly rotating.  This time it was Shane…he made me laugh a lot.  Usually he meant to, but sometimes it was just his way or his perspective or a mannerism.  He’s a cool 9th grader that I’m glad I know.  He’s coy about showing any like of me, but it’s clear he doesn’t mind having me around either.

3) ICU.  I co-sponsor/teach a student club at Valencia High School with Jennene.  Yesterday was the CLUB DAY wherein all the student-clubs had booths to advertise their club & promote membership…it was actually a lot like being at a teen concert.  🙂  NO, our group of kids are great:  they work hard, they want to do well, they have become good friends and they were rewarded greatly with 87 sign-ups…which is better than last years 24ish.  Click to our blog and check it out…you can pray for us too…we have earthly goals and heavenly goals

4) EJ’s getting married on Saturday.  Luke Brock and I are driving down to Corona Friday afternoon for the rehearsal, wherein the precursor to the massive reunion will begin.  I think there were over 500 people invited to the wedding and their RSVP system on the Knot basically doesn’t work, so they have NO IDEA how many people will be there on Saturday.  🙂  I think the rehearsals are more fun than the actual day though, so I win either way.   In addition to most of our worship team (we’re doing a few songs in thier wedding) and any COC people, I know I’ll see the Burns, the Spansels, the Vaheys (Emily Mason), Vinson, and the Flowers…that’s what I’m looking forward to most…everyone else will be another level of  bonus!  So, I’ll be gone until late Saturday night and then on Sunday we have a 7am call time for Worship Team…someone’s gonna be tye-tye.

So, all in all, the last week has been and the upcoming weekend will be full of a range of emotions and gratitude and God’s Sovereign way!


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  christi wrote @

i miss you. lets hang out soon!

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