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Gulu Walk 2005Hey people.  Who wants to join us this year on the Gulu Walk?  🙂  Click Here for  some info about it that I wrote for the ICU blog.  It should be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people and learn new things!  We have a pretty good size group so far and would love more.  Bring your youth group, your Bible Study group, your kids play group, your soccer team, your brothers & sisters, nieces and nephews… So, what do you think?



ICU LogoSome of you may know that Jennene and I co-sponsor a student led club at Valencia High School called ICU (click this link to read all about it).  Well, yesterday was our 2nd ‘ICU Open Club Meeting’ which is the new crop of kids who are interested in humanitarian efforts and thought our club sounded cool (either they’ve seen the movie Invisible Children or they just felt compelled to attend).  There were over 35 students and it seemed the meeting went really well. But you never know what the LORD is using in people’s lives.  Sometimes I feel like it’s a total waste of my time and other times I feel like the LORD is really using Jennene and I to actually impact some of them.  Yesterday, a couple of the newbies commented on the club blog and it was sooo encouraging…click here to read their comments…and then please pray that Jennene and I guide them well throughout the year and that these kids would see and hear Christ in us and as a result would pursue Him…or as Derek Webb says, ‘and may the bread on your tongue leave a trail of crumbs to lead the hungry back to the place that you are from’.


Now, I know I’ve got problems.  Understanding why people make the choices they make in the car is one such problem.  It’s not that I want to beat the other driver or ‘win, it’s not a competition for me the way it may be for others.  Nope,  I just want to not be impeded in my own arrival goals.  So, when a driver chooses to leisurely drive side by side another car, thus blocking all of us that are behind him, I have a problem.  Or when a turn-signalless- driver hesitantly pauses at a turn while I’m approaching from behind and I have to either slam on my brakes or  into them, I have a problem.  I just wish that people would drive with a purpose…or at least with MY purpose.  I wish all cars were sold with a mandatory ‘Drive With A Purpose’ instructional DVD set, hosted by…Me.  🙂  I wish people would drive like they mean it…from inside my faithful Volvo, the encouragement phrase I most often offer other drivers to operate  a ‘Purpose Driven Car’ whilst on the road is ‘Come on maa’m, Do it like you mean it.  Just do it like you mean it’.  Yeah, I’ve got problems.  I ask for forgiveness alot.


George in IraqI love my uncle George, not just cuz he’s to be feared from a law enforcement perspective, but because he’s kind, caring, intelligent, passionate, strong, inspiring, sober-minded, a devoted husband who refers to his wife as his ‘bride’, an involved father of 2 active sons who has a soft spot for their differences, he’s got a booming laugh and incredible dedication, conviction and sacrifice to lay it all on the line to defend our country, our freedoms and our families. 

He recently emailed our family (though it said Unclassified, I’ve edited it just to be safe), I recently returned from an operation out in the western part of Iraq at the Syrian border…  It’s hot there and there’s lots of sand fleas that feasted on us; and they brought all their friends to join in on their gourmet meals.  Normally we fly at night…in Marine helos, which are much different than the Blackhawks used by the Army.  The Marine helo of choice is the heavy-lift type pictured in the attached.  But they leak hydraulic fluid everywhere and because it’s night and pitch black inside (it has to be so the pilots—who are flying with night vision equipment—don’t get glare-back) you get covered in fluid.  This, added to the talcum powder like sand here, creates the national past time: weapons cleaning…It’s good to be back at base camp.  The weather is cooling—it’s now regularly under 100.  But the great news is I’m getting my 2 weeks R&R (during the year everyone in Iraq gets 2 weeks R&R).  So, I’ll be able to race home and see Lisa and the boys.  I hope and pray you all are well.”George and men

I don’t know what it’s like to be a fully armed Commander, in the 100 degree heat being eaten by sand fleas, running clandestine operations looking for bad guys.  However, I have a suspicion that I would not do it for myself, let alone anyone else.  I guess that’s why my uncle and the thousands like him who do are truly heroes.  Feel free to pray for him and all our service people-it’s a tough job on every level. 
PS-though the Marines are transporting them, he’s actually a Commander in the Navy


You know I love resources.  I love connecting people and goals.  I just stumbled on an invaluable jewel that’s been right under my nose for years.  If you’re looking for a job or a ministry or a seasonal job etc. and don’t want to do google searches and then sift through the 5 million sites…If you’re a student, a grad, a professional etc. and are doing career research…click here.  TMC career services has done most of the work for us…THanx Rick Wahler!


In all seriousness….in the same way I wonder if you have to thank the thank you note with a ‘you’re welcome’ note, do we need to reply to the comments on a posting?  I know on a blog designed as a forum it’s good practice to reply to the comments (duh), but what about the average blog owner?  Do people go back and read posts they commented on with the expectation that the writer responded?  I guess I just assume that’s what email is for.  Help me out cuz maybe I’m offending people for my lack of comment response.  But, I do thank you for the comments… I think they’re fantastic (mostly).


Well, I recognize that I’ve not written a post for a bit.  I’ve thought of them in my head, but my schedule simply has not allowed any cyber-share.  Starting last Sunday, life has just not stopped…

1) 9/11.  If you know me, you know I’m a fanatic about 9/11.  I was glued to the TV 24 hrs a day 5 years ago…I cried for a week straight.  For some reason I was incredibly Read the rest of this entry »